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Mar 29 2022

The Squishiest ASMR and Sensory Toys Around!

They are adorable, engaging, and fan favorites for those who benefit from or gravitate towards autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) and sensory toys. Check out these hot sellers that are sure to be a hit wherever they are sold!

Mar 15 2022

The Difference Between Sensory, Fidget, & ASMR Toys

If you have visited a toy store recently, you have probably seen the words “sensory”, “fidget” and “ASMR” posted. But, what do these terms mean as they relate to toys and what do they offer that is different from many of the toys on the market? Explore these new toy categories in this guide and discover which term is best to search for your next purchase.

Mar 01 2022

The History of Hot Wheels™

All car fans likely started their collection as a young child with these tiny replicas of their favorite models from Hot Wheels™. These affordable toys that come in a portable size for racing and admiring both at home or on the go have been a huge hit for generations. Join us as we look back at where this iconic brand began and some of the top reasons Hot Wheels™ products are still hot sellers in 2022.

Feb 25 2022

The Top Trending DIY Activity Kits for 2022

Activity kits are more popular than ever in 2022, and it’s not hard to see why. Nothing brightens a child’s day or brings families and friends together like creative activity sets that provide hours of innovative and oftentimes hilarious entertainment. If you like DIY crafts, you’ll love these trending kits that are hard to keep in stock.

Feb 15 2022

Why Blind Bags are a Hit with Kids of All Ages

Blind bags have been popular sellers for decades. You often see them at the checkout counter or on an end cap, and they usually contain miniaturized versions of beloved character figurines, accessories, and other fun surprises. Plus, each comes with these 5 reasons kids and parents alike love these little bags and boxes.

Feb 01 2022

How to Use Toys to Teach Empathy

Empathy is a skill that allows people to understand emotions, improve communication, and, ultimately, work towards building a stronger more unified community. But, how does one teach, encourage, and reward empathy in children? Discover how toys can play an integral role in this healthy skill development process.

Jan 25 2022

Why Little Live Pets Make the Perfect Gifts

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their little ones and young friends when birthdays and holiday celebrations come around. For animal enthusiasts, the answer could be as easy as picking up a Little Live Pet. Here are 5 reasons Little Live Pets will be the hit of any party or rainy day.

Jan 15 2022

How Sharing Toys can Help Children Build Stronger Relationships

As children grow and develop relationships with others, it is important to offer ways of practicing their social skills through role-playing activities that teach them to share and take turns. Using toys can be instrumental in this development process in the following ways.

Jan 01 2022

7 Ways Retailers can Maximize Their Facebook Posts

Consistently posting on Facebook is an integral part of every marketing plan for retailers. Unfortunately, Facebook has made it increasingly difficult to use traditional positing methods to reach a larger audience. The good news is there are still some easy things you can do to maximize each post and ensure more people discover your products and brand name.

Dec 29 2021

Why Fans are Raving About Lucky Bob and His Clumsy Adventure Toys

If you’ve heard about the hilarious gaming app called “Lucky Bob: Messy Adventures”, you’ll love the new toy series by License 2 Play that has kids rolling with laughter. These toys check all the boxes for fun, including special codes to let kids live in Lucky Bob’s interactive world. Here’s why fans want to collect them all!

Dec 15 2021

7 Ways Toys can Boost a Child's Mood

It’s well known that children suffering from anxiety, stress, sadness, or frustration often find great comfort in toys. But, why? What is it about these products that have the power to lift a child’s mood and brighten his or her day?

Dec 01 2021

Order These 2022 TOTY Finalists From License 2 Play!

If you are looking for the hottest selling toys to kick off your 2022 inventory, it's hard to beat the Toy Of The Year (TOTY) Finalists. These toys go through rigorous standards to be selected for their innovation, promotional value, and, other influencing factors. Place your order for these finalists found in stock at License 2 Play today before they sell out!