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Mar 25 2021

Consumers Love Our New Selfie Creator Kit!

Our Selfie Creator kit is selling fast at retail stores everywhere, and here's why consumers love it! From professional lighting to taking creativity to a new level, we'll show you six reasons this kit appeals to people of all ages. Are you ready to see what makes this product so versatile? Let's begin!

Mar 15 2021

Why the Pogo Bal is a Hot Seller in 2021

Remember the Pogo Bal? It's back in stores and selling better than ever before in 2021! Discover why this toy is receiving so much attention this year and where you can find wholesale Pogo Bals to stock your inventory just in time for the warmer weather months.

Mar 01 2021

New Wholesale Bob Ross Board Games at License 2 Play!

Attract buyers looking for entertainment for the whole family or an upcoming party with these new wholesale Bob Ross board games and more! For decades, generations grew up learning to love even the mistakes in painting as they were instantly transformed into “happy little accidents” by everyone’s favorite art instructor. Now, shoppers can once again invite the fun into their living rooms with these seven trending wholesale Bob Ross products!

Feb 24 2021

Find Toy of the Year Finalists at License 2 Play!

What better toys to stock your shelves with than Toy of the Year finalists? License 2 Play has the top-selling wholesale toys, games, and novelties like these. Check them out and find yet more reasons to shop with us all year long!

Feb 15 2021

Find out Which Toys are Selling Fast in 2021!

Get your finger on the pulse of the retail community and increase your sales by shopping with License 2 Play and using these strategies! Finding the right products to showcase in your store can be challenging year-to-year. That’s why we created this 2021 retailer guide to help you stay in-the-know with all the latest trends.

Feb 01 2021

The Squishiest Wholesale Toys Around are Here!

License to play has the squishiest, slimiest, and sandiest toys around! Find out which toys made the list, including one TOTY finalist two years in a row. Best of all, these items are mom approved for super quick clean up!

Jan 25 2021

10 New Hot Sellers for Your Retail Toy Store!

Stand out from your toy store competitors with our new hot-selling toys at License 2 Play! Are you searching for the latest in popular toys, novelties, and games? We make stocking your inventory easy by only carrying products you’ll find on all the kids’ wish lists like these!

Jan 15 2021

Toy Fair New York is Coming in February of 2022!

We know you have missed the Toy Fair in New York as much as we have! Thankfully, there is an in-person event scheduled for February of 2022. In the meantime, Toy Fair has been working hard to bring all the fair has to offer buyers and sellers alike online! Get all the details here.

Jan 02 2021

Stock your Retail Store with These Top Selling Back to School Items

It's time for second semester to begin at school, and consumers will be shopping your retail store for the most popular backpack items like these. Learn more about what trending products you should be displaying to boost your sales. Then, hurry to place your order today!

Dec 17 2020

8 Toy Trends in 2021 Every Retailer Should Know

Find out which toys will be the highlight of 2021 based on these five industry trends. Plus, each category contains some of the hottest-selling product suggestions to make building your inventory easy and fun! Which will be your favorites to watch fly off the shelves?

Dec 11 2020

Why You Should Use Studio Creator for Your Retail Business

If you own a retail business, your marketing campaign could mean the difference between attracting consumers to your store or losing the sale to your competitors. But, did you know there is an easy tool that makes your product promotions look professional? Discover how using Studio Creator could be the key to growing your business online!

Dec 01 2020

7 Uses of iFLYsmart Products for Your Business

Your retail store visitors already love iFLYsmart hygiene kits and items because of their ease-of-use while running errands and traveling plus their protective properties against potentially harmful germs. But, did you know they can be useful for your business as well? Find out how these handy products can help add protection for your team, increase your productivity, and boost your sales!