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Oct 05 2018

5 Marketing Ideas for Halloween for Your Toy Store

For many retail stores, Halloween marks the beginning of the busiest season of the year. The retail fun starts with buying costumes and doesn’t end until the last Christmas present has been opened. You can take advantage of all this excitement by participating in different ways during Halloween. From decorating your store to becoming a trick-or-treat destination, the possibilities are endless. Here we’ll suggest five different ideas.

Sep 28 2018

12 Tips for Improving Your Store Sales

When you manage a gift or toy store, you have to get strategic to meet your sales goals. While it’s important to create a marketing and financial plan, there are also little things you should be doing to increase revenues and sales. In this article, we’ve created a list of 12 actionable tips that can help you multiply your profits, simplify your life, and make your store a success.

Sep 20 2018

License 2 Play Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on offering a great selection of wholesale toys to boost sales for your toy or gift store. We also want to assist you with the ordering process. You’re welcome to contact us anytime for more information, but we’ve also answered the most commonly asked questions for you here. We talk about everything from registering for an account to ordering and pricing below.

Sep 09 2018

5 Top Selling Wholesale Toys of 2018

Every year thousands of new toys are invented and distributed. We strive to find the best toys for your customers to ensure that you have a comprehensive collection for your store. With the large number of toys, it can be difficult to decide which ones you should stock. Here we present five of the most popular ones from our collection. Of course, we offer many other wholesale toys that you can conveniently order from our website.

Aug 23 2018

6 Retail Opportunities for Toy Stores

With one of the biggest toy retailers gone, the opportunities for smaller toy stores abound. In addition to stocking wholesale toys from our great selection, you must have a marketing plan in place. Here we’ll explore some hidden retail opportunities for toy and gift stores. By implementing some of these suggestions below, you can increase your customer base and sales.

Aug 12 2018

Where to Get Licensed Toys for Your Retail Store

Toys are never going out of style even though particular types may fall out of favor. Adding toys to your retail store collection is a great way to increase revenue as people buy toys for their children throughout the year. The key to success is making sure you stock the toys that are currently trending, including licensed merchandise. This article offers some valuable advice on finding the best wholesale toys for your store.

Aug 07 2018

Product Spotlight: So Glow Magic Jars

It’s important to have a diverse collection of customer favorites and new products in your store to optimize sales. Therefore, we’re excited to present you with our newest collection of So Glow Magic Jars, which can make your store’s selection different from the rest. Using confetti, glitter, and magic powder, kids can make their own nightlight. It’s perfect for a birthday party or sleepover with friends.

Jul 25 2018

The Importance of Pretend Play for Your Child & How to Encourage It

As much as play is the work of a child, pretend play is helping them learn how the world works. Through play, children imitate adults and make sense of everything that’s going on around them. Kids don’t need anything special to play pretend, but they need time to be creative. Here we’ll talk about how pretend play promotes your child’s development and what you can do to encourage more of it.

Jul 18 2018

How to Get Started with Wholesale Toys in Your Store

If you’re operating a gift or retail store, you may be wondering if you should add toys to your product selection. There are good reasons to include toys in your offerings, especially since they’re fun products that are easy to sell. Here we’ll explain the benefits of selling toys and give you some tips on getting started. It’s all about stocking the right types of toys for your target market – that’s our expertise.

Jul 09 2018

How to Generate More Sales for Your Retail Store

Even though many people shop online and big retailers are struggling, you can keep your store profitable by focusing your marketing efforts where they make a difference. In the end, most business for local stores is generated through word of mouth. While you can certainly use advertising to attract new customers, your best returns on investment will most likely be found in signage and customer service. Here we’ll give you actionable tips on increasing your sales today.

Jun 26 2018

5 Reasons to Let Your Kids Play This Summer

All over the country, kids are looking forward to their summer break. A few weeks into the summer, you may be wondering what your kids are supposed to do for two or three months without school. Many parents encourage summer camps or other scheduled activities, but there is a lot of value to letting your kids roam freely as they please. And sometimes that means they’ll do nothing at all. Here are five very good reasons for just letting your kids play this summer.

Jun 15 2018

Ready, Set... Collect Them All: Shopkins Season 10 Is Available

The Shopkins have been a huge success in the toy world. These cute little characters are currently in their 10th season after five years of phenomenal retail success. With this current collection, you can expect to meet many different adorable characters, including some of your favorite miniature groceries from the first three seasons. Moose Toys has decided to go back to the roots and revive the grocery shopping experience in true Shopkins style.