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Jul 22 2020

Wholesale Toys That Make Outdoor fun Memorable!

If you thought the end of summer meant outdoor playtime has to end too, check out these toys that make outdoor fun memorable all year round! School may be in session soon, but students can still have a blast when learning time is over. These outdoor toys and activities help kids and families stay entertained long after the summer heat turns into cozy fall days!

Jul 15 2020

The Best Wholesale Travel Plush Toys!

Be ready for shoppers to take end-of-summer road trips with these best-selling wholesale plush toys, including our newest arrivals! August and September are great months for a quick weekend getaway or final beach excursion. Help your shoppers to pick up a favorite plush toy or two for that last family vacay by having these no-mess toys on display near your checkout counter!

Jul 01 2020

5 Reasons to Register With License to Play!

Are you looking for the top-selling wholesale toys and novelty items for your store reopening or new business? At License 2 Play, we are dedicated to bringing products that create the biggest splash in the industry straight to your doorstep. From personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to toys that take summertime play to new levels, see how our concern for our community and our continued passion for fun can help your business thrive!

Jun 24 2020

Wholesale Toys for Boys Ages 5 and Up

They may be growing out of the younger children's toys and games, but boys ages 5 and up still have a whole world of creative play adventures ahead. With these top-selling toys, there is something for everyone to help keep the peace at home while learning something new and super cool! From crafty engineers to space enthusiasts and brave soldiers, your customers with boys in this age range are sure to get excited when they see these items on your shelves!

Jun 15 2020

New Wholesale Pokémon Toys at License 2 Play!

We have these new popular wholesale Pokémon toys in stock at License 2 Play! Pokémon is a hit year-after-year with fans of video games, cartoon series, and movies. Now, retailers can offer consumers their choice of these loveable creatures in super fun variations that can provide hours of entertainment offline or anytime!

Jun 01 2020

Sell These PPE Kits at Your Store

As businesses begin to open their doors once again to the public during COVID-19, purchasing wholesale face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) products to set on display should be at the top of the list of items to stock. At License 2 Play, we offer travel PPE kits everyone will want for their cars, homes, or while out-and-about in town! Discover what makes our PPE kits unique and where to place them in the store for both protection and sales boosting purposes.

May 19 2020

Wholesale Toys With a Treasure Surprise Inside!

These wholesale toys will keep shoppers' family and friends These wholesale toys will keep shoppers' family and friends guessing with their hidden treasures and surprising secrets. From monsters and rescued animals to treasures and charms, License 2 Play is your go-to shop for all the hottest selling toys! Now, with these products, staying home and running errands gets an entertaining twist that will have kids guessing till the end.

May 06 2020

Wholesale Father's Day Toys and Activities

Bring on the fun over Father's Day with these five interactive wholesale toys and activities dads everywhere will love! Help your shoppers make this day memorable for Dad by promoting items that get the whole family involved. From brainiacs to athletes, we have the products that will make this special day one he will treasure for years to come.

May 01 2020

7 Ways to Prepare Your Online Toy Store for More Sales

Make your eCommerce store stand out to shoppers with these seven tips! The great news is taking your business online means you have unlimited potential to reach new customers by taking advantage of many free or inexpensive marketing opportunities. The challenge is, with so much online competition, it's becoming increasingly important to give customers a VIP experience to attract new consumers to your site.

Apr 20 2020

Wholesale Personal Protective Equipment Kits Sold Here!

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are finding they are in need of more personal protective and germ eliminating equipment to keep their families safe. For example, those individuals who fall into the high-risk category for immune system concerns are often having to call multiple local brick-and-mortar stores as well as using search engines online to find the cleaning and personal protection supplies they require. We want to help. That's why License-2-Play is proud to announce we now carry three new wholesale healthcare kits that every retailer can offer their shoppers both in physical locations and online.

Apr 16 2020

Updated Wholesale Blasters and Soakers Customers will Love!

We have the wholesale blasters everyone wants for both indoor or outdoor play fun! Shoppers everywhere are looking for ways for the whole family to enjoy spending time together while exercising. These toys were made for action and they will have people ages six and up honing their strategy skills and falling in love with adventure in their own homes and backyards.

Apr 01 2020

7 Wholesale Activities That Encourage Family Bonding Over Mother's Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, it is time to stock up on wholesale toys and activities that can bring mothers and their kids together for family bonding fun! Children everywhere want to know what they can do to make Mom feel special on this day of motherhood appreciation. The answer is often found in bond-building activities that create lasting memories. For such cherished moments, here are our top 8 toys and kits that are sure to impress Mom!