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Jul 01 2019

Benefits to Using Toys to Reward Good Behavior

If you are a teacher, parent, or have watched a few episodes of "Super Nanny", you may already know using rewards for good behavior has been found to be more effective than handing out punishments when guiding young children. Explore why this method of discipline is so popular in this article, along with the many benefits of utilizing toys as incentives. From learning about boundaries to crafting goals and saving strategies, toys as rewards for good behavior can do wonders!

Jun 22 2019

Puzzle Loving Toys

Do your customers love to solve puzzles? Are the parents in your store looking for a challenging problem-solving toy or thought-provoking game? If it is a higher degree of skill they seek, take a peek at our top picks for the best puzzle toys.

Jun 15 2019

5 Building Toys for Creative Thinkers

Whether your customers have a future engineer at home or are looking for ways to encourage creative play for the many associated cognitive and social benefits, these toys will bring out the wow factor as young minds explore limitless building options. With so much of children's playtime being consumed by video games, social media platforms, television, and movies, it is no wonder parents search for toys that allow children a chance to construct a scene that brings their own stories to life in the way they imagined. Parents and older children can even take the designs further when incorporating electronics with the playtime fun to produce homemade movies or illustrate how the building structure would look if it had walls and a roof. Check out some of these designer toy sets that go beyond basic blocks to offer added ingenuity.

Jun 01 2019

Make Summer a Blast with These Bath and Outdoor Toys

Don't miss out on a chance to take full advantage of those summer profits by adding a ton of fun to your customers' days with these toys on your shelves. They are easy to set up, and a breeze to clean up. Plus, they can be used both inside and outside for double the awesome playtime. If your customers came to your store searching for a cure for out-of-school boredom, they will find it with these!

May 23 2019

Fans of the Classics will Love these Mego Collector Action Figures

Fans Of The Classics Will Love These Mego Collector Action Figures

May 15 2019

Preparing for Father's Day Fun

Where Mother's Day is more about flowers, cards, and nice meals that bring the family together, customers can use these games and activities to appreciate their dads' funny wacky side over Father's Day. He will need all his accumulated tricks, strategies, and perhaps a little engineering to beat the kids on this special day of fun and laughter. Get ready to stock up on items that are sure to produce post worthy pics and cherished memories this Father's Day!

May 01 2019

Celebrating Memorial Day with Hero Toys

As families prepare for a day of remembrance for the valor and legacy of those who have fought to bring peace and freedom to our great nation this Memorial Day, parents may be looking for a way to explain that sacrifice and bravery to their children. Playtime is one way kids can explore what it takes and sometimes costs to serve our nation and protect citizens' rights and dreams. These toys offer an opportunity for children to learn more about what makes a man or woman a true hero.

Apr 23 2019

Crafting Wonders with Color Changing and Glow in the Dark Slime

What offers colorful ooey gooey playtime fun for both day and night? License 2 Play's So Slime! It's magical fun for kids of all ages! Now, there are color changing and glow-in-the-dark options that spark imagination and wonder in the daytime or in the dark. There is just something mystifying that happens when a child watches a blend of ingredients change into something beautiful yet oh so perfectly shapeless. Check out these new products for your shelves to see how they are transforming the shape or rather non-shape of creative play.

Apr 15 2019

Why Everyone Should Support Candlelighters NYC

License-2-Play recently donated some of our most popular toys and other products to children who are battling cancer via a wonderful charity called "Candlelighters NYC". This is a fabulous organization that helps these amazing kids and their families cope with the emotional strain of this devastating disease. When you are selecting the recipients for your donations this year, we hope you will consider adding Candlelighters NYC to the top of your list.

Apr 01 2019

Toys and Games that Will Keep the Laughs Going

Kid pranks like mashed potato sundaes, frozen cereal bowls, and googly eyes on food in the fridge over April Fools' Day are fun. But, when it comes to toys and games that produce on-going silliness and laughter, these products are hard to beat! Check out our top list of toys the pranksters and jokesters in your store will love.

Mar 19 2019

Surprising Toys and Candies for Easter

This Easter, whether you want to stock your shelves with traditional bunny-related toys or something unique and surprising, we have the products your customers want. What do these top picks have in common? They are all adorable, huggable and loveable. Did we mention they all come in collections? Make sure you buy several because these collectable items will make your customers return for more!

Mar 15 2019

Fortnite Character Figurines Make a Splash at the 2019 Toy Fair

If you missed this year's Toy Fair in If you missed this year's Toy Fair in New York, you are in luck because we carry some of the most requested toys from the fair for you like the hot-selling Fortnite action figures! Fortnite has taken the world by storm! From fun dances and cool character outfits called "skins" to the action-packed video game, Fortnite has become the world's most popular game. So, you can be sure your customers will love to collect these action figures!