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Oct 01 2020

5 Top Selling Teacher Appreciation Gifts for Your Retail Store

These hot-selling personal protection and early educational gifts are a big hit with families looking to show teachers, coaches, and school staff members their appreciation throughout the year! Teachers are always searching for creative ways to stay safe from viruses and offer incentives for good behavior. From germ-fighting equipment to activities that will keep kids engaged in the learning process, these products are sure to be on everyone’s list of favorites for 2020 and 2021!

Sep 29 2020

Increase Online Sales with these Proven Strategies

Looking for effective marketing strategies to generate more online sales leads? The Internet is buzzing with countless suggestions, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Apply these five tips to begin growing your reach today!

Sep 15 2020

The Hottest Wholesale Tie Dye Items for 2020!

There are some things that never change like consumer fascination with tie-dye! Therefore, we proudly present our 2020 tie-dye collection of wholesale activities fans will LOVE! These creative items swirl a rainbow of colors in new and fun ways people of all ages can enjoy again-and-again.

Sep 01 2020

Wholesale COVID Prevention Supplies for Back 2 School Days

Help keep classroom learning and after school activities going with these wholesale COVID-prevention supplies for the fall back-2-school days! Perfect for school, travel, shopping, medical appointments, or running errands, the essential items in these kits are on all the school supply lists this year. From surgical face masks to wipes and hand sanitizer, License 2 Play has the products consumers want for the personal protective equipment they need!

Aug 22 2020

Popular Wholesale Cartoon Characters are at License 2 Play!

Ready to attract families with these popular wholesale cartoon characters you can find at License 2 Play? We carry all the hottest-selling toys, games, activities, and novelty items, including those based on cartoons that we all know and love. Try showcasing these popular product lines to interest fans of all ages and keep them returning to your store for more!

Aug 15 2020

Exploring Toy Fair Everywhere, ShopToys365, & Toy Fair New York!

Have you heard about Toy Fair Everywhere and Shop Toys 365 (ST365)? If you are in the play industry, we know you have been wondering what Toy Fair New York and The Toy Association are offering for the remainder of 2020 as well as upcoming events in 2021. Get the scoop on the latest happenings in the most widely anticipated toy events in the U.S.A.!

Aug 01 2020

Toy Industry Top Picks!

Are you searching for wholesale toys to line your inventory for 2020 that the toy industry raves about? At License 2 Play, we carry all the hottest-selling toys, games, and novelty items, like these five top picks. Discover what makes them the 2020 toys no store should be without!

Jul 22 2020

Wholesale Toys That Make Outdoor fun Memorable!

If you thought the end of summer meant outdoor playtime has to end too, check out these toys that make outdoor fun memorable all year round! School may be in session soon, but students can still have a blast when learning time is over. These outdoor toys and activities help kids and families stay entertained long after the summer heat turns into cozy fall days!

Jul 15 2020

The Best Wholesale Travel Plush Toys!

Be ready for shoppers to take end-of-summer road trips with these best-selling wholesale plush toys, including our newest arrivals! August and September are great months for a quick weekend getaway or final beach excursion. Help your shoppers to pick up a favorite plush toy or two for that last family vacay by having these no-mess toys on display near your checkout counter!

Jul 01 2020

5 Reasons to Register With License to Play!

Are you looking for the top-selling wholesale toys and novelty items for your store reopening or new business? At License 2 Play, we are dedicated to bringing products that create the biggest splash in the industry straight to your doorstep. From personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to toys that take summertime play to new levels, see how our concern for our community and our continued passion for fun can help your business thrive!

Jun 24 2020

Wholesale Toys for Boys Ages 5 and Up

They may be growing out of the younger children's toys and games, but boys ages 5 and up still have a whole world of creative play adventures ahead. With these top-selling toys, there is something for everyone to help keep the peace at home while learning something new and super cool! From crafty engineers to space enthusiasts and brave soldiers, your customers with boys in this age range are sure to get excited when they see these items on your shelves!

Jun 15 2020

New Wholesale Pokémon Toys at License 2 Play!

We have these new popular wholesale Pokémon toys in stock at License 2 Play! Pokémon is a hit year-after-year with fans of video games, cartoon series, and movies. Now, retailers can offer consumers their choice of these loveable creatures in super fun variations that can provide hours of entertainment offline or anytime!