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Sep 30 2022

Gear Up for a Kid-friendly Halloween With These Favorites

As October rolls in, stores all over stock up on costumes, candy, and decorations for Halloween. Stock up on these favorites for a kid-friendly Halloween. Costumes are fun, but as a toy retail shop, you can provide real fun for the party. Here are some ideas to market for party favors or to hand out to trick-or-treaters!

Sep 17 2022

How to Optimize Toy Sales, Online or In-Store

How to Optimize Toy Sales, Online or In-Store. As November draws near, and people start thinking about the holidays, you need to start thinking about how to optimize sales for the holidays. Use these six tips to start planning your strategy now!

Sep 01 2022

Toy Fair New York 2023 Gets a New Fall Date?

??Fall is our new favorite season of the year because the Toy Fair New York 2023 has announced it is launching its very first fall marketplace! After 117 editions, this one is making headlines for a dramatic date shift from early in the year to later in the year. Here’s what you need to know about why the dates have changed and how these new dates could impact your marketplace visit.??

Aug 31 2022

Popular Travel Sized Toys that Offer Big Entertainment

School may be in, but travel plans are already in the works for fall and winter break. That means the problem of keeping the kids entertained while on the road or in the air is about to become a retailer’s challenge to solve. Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! By keeping these toys in stock, parents will be able to find all of their child’s favorite travel-sized toys in one convenient location.

Aug 17 2022

5 Lessons You Learned from Playing Board Games

You probably played lots of board games with friends, family members, or classmates in school, but did you know you were learning valuable lessons while having fun? Check out how something as simple as a board game can add a tremendous impact on one’s growth and development that lasts a lifetime.?

Aug 01 2022

Best Selling Dolls in 2022

Every toy store should keep these popular dolls in stock! Here is the lineup of some are our 2022 best sellers that customers are shopping for online and off. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when they fly off your shelves!

Jul 29 2022

The Hottest Selling Summer Toy Trends are at License 2 Play!

Whether you are a new retailer or you are searching for that next popular trend in the toy industry, you are in the right place! We have the hottest selling toys on the market after doing the research for you and bringing you items in these top sales categories.

Jul 15 2022

4 Different Types of Play and Their Top Benefits

Exploring different types of play is critical to developing and improving a large array of important skills in children. But, did you also know that play can bring kids together, bridge generational gaps, and help children learn empathy and compassion? Plus, playtime makes life lessons and family time fun! Come explore the four most common types of play and the many benefits they offer.

Jun 30 2022

The Top Selling DIY Activities of 2022 are Here!

What would summer of 2022 be without running through sprinklers, splashing in pools, playing tag with friends, and, of course, DIY activities? But, these DIY activity kits offer more than just a way to break up the home-from-school boredom. Our popular picks double as super fun science projects that are sure to keep the peace on rainy days or bring the “WOW!” when friends come over.

Jun 15 2022

How Playing with Toys can Improve Performance in School

From learning how to take turns to putting lessons into practice, toys, crafts, and games can make a huge impact in a child's performance in school. Toys teach skills, allow creativity, and foster exploration in a fun and exciting way. Discover how playtime fun can work wonders for a student's physical, mental, and even emotional development both at home and while in school.

Jun 01 2022

How Attending the Atlanta Gift Show Can Help Your Retail Store

Want to put your retail store on the map? The Atlanta Market and Gift Show can help you to do just that. This premier gift, décor, and lifestyle market will take place on 12 - 18 July 2022, and will house the nation’s largest gift product range.

May 31 2022

How to Use Toys & Games to Help Children Communicate & Build Trust

Introducing toys and games to a child may be the most effective strategy when developing a rapport. Fun activities offer a chance to communicate and build trust without the added stress or pressure that can often come with more direct forms of conversation. Try using these playtime methods to combine entertainment with conversation.