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Trending Toys Based on 2022 Movies, YouTube, & Netflix Hits

May 15, 2022

Want a fast way to attract more visitors to your e-commerce or in-person store while building customer loyalty? Replica figurines, games, and other toys that are based on current family movies and the top animated series on YouTube and Netflix are always hot-sellers. Read on to see which trending replicas and games are the fastest sellers in 2022!

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Sonic
If you are an established retailer or you have school-aged children, you are likely already familiar with the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu series. New for 2022 is the Sonic the Hedgehog figurine that stretches up to three times his size and returns to its original form each time.

Sonic fans followed his latest adventures as he protected the Earth and the ones he loves in “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” which opened in theaters last April. As a result, this toy continues to be a huge hit in the play industry both online and in stores and is accompanied by a large array of equally squishy, crunchy, and stretchy Heroes of Goo Jit Zu characters.

Jurassic World
In addition to the new Sonic character, Heroes of Goo Jit Zu have added a Jurassic World Dino pack in honor of the “Jurassic World Dominion” movie release next month. This next movie in the Jurassic World Series will hit the theaters on June 10th, and any toy store that does not have these Dinos and related items in stock will be missing out!

Other fast-selling dino toys include Jurassic World: Dominion Captivz Edition Slime Eggs where the species is revealed by searching through the ooze inside the egg. Imagine the excitement of revealing which dinosaur is waiting to be discovered.

Then, keep the good times rolling with Wholesale Jurassic World Zoom Riders. These Dinos are on wheels and moving fast! Which one will win the race and claim victory over the other species?

Following their huge success in capturing the attention of young viewers on Netflix and YouTube, the Larva characters are now in plush toy form! No more tears when the television or laptop is off. Kids can collect all three colors of Larva plushies and act out the scenes from the series in their own living rooms so the comic adventures never have to end.

Cats vs Pickles
Another YouTube sensation, “Cats vs Pickles” has been featured on numerous social media influencers’ feeds, such as TikTok’s WeWearCute, YouTuber Jazzy Skye, YouTuber Madison and Beyond, and YouTuber Kin Tin! These freaked-out cats and hug-seeking pickles are hilarious for people of all ages to watch, and the soft plush toy versions of the top characters are the perfect way for kids to continue the silly antics at home or on the go. With Cats vs. Pickles plushies, the laughter can continue anywhere anytime as no one knows when a pickle might be nearby!

Available on YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix, “CoComelon” is the combination of nursery rhymes and musical intros to early development topics like numbers, animal sounds, and more. One of the most popular toys based on this hit series is the CoComelon Roto Plush Bedtime JJ Doll which comes with 7 sounds and phrases. He also plays the 'YesYes Bedtime' song to lull young fans to sleep.

Kids also can’t get enough of the 4-pack family figurines, 8” plush assortment, and Blind Figures Alphabet Surprise Assortment that contain letters children can stack together to form a caterpillar while learning the alphabet. CoComelon toys take learning the fundamentals to a whole new level of fun and engagement!

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