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Jun 26 2018

5 Reasons to Let Your Kids Play This Summer

All over the country, kids are looking forward to their summer break. A few weeks into the summer, you may be wondering what your kids are supposed to do for two or three months without school. Many parents encourage summer camps or other scheduled activities, but there is a lot of value to letting your kids roam freely as they please. And sometimes that means they’ll do nothing at all. Here are five very good reasons for just letting your kids play this summer.

Jun 15 2018

Ready, Set... Collect Them All: Shopkins Season 10 Is Available

The Shopkins have been a huge success in the toy world. These cute little characters are currently in their 10th season after five years of phenomenal retail success. With this current collection, you can expect to meet many different adorable characters, including some of your favorite miniature groceries from the first three seasons. Moose Toys has decided to go back to the roots and revive the grocery shopping experience in true Shopkins style.

Jun 07 2018

Welcome Back to The Grossery Gang: Series 5 Available Now

If you haven’t heard of the putrid characters from The Grossery Gang series, you have been missing out. Created by Moose Toys – the Australian company that also brought you Shopkins – the unique, expired grocery products from The Grossery Gang have been dominating the toy aisles since 2016. The new collection of the Series 5 includes a variety of shady characters along with some rare collectibles and special edition items.

May 25 2018

Product Spotlight: Fingerlings Untamed

Given the success of the Fingerlings, which were named Toy of the Year, it’s no surprise that the manufacturer WowWee is ready with another surprise. The Fingerlings are back, but this time it’s up to you to tame them. The new Untamed Collection includes four ferocious velociraptors. Just like the monkeys and other cute characters, these Fingerlings hold onto your finger, but they’re not always in a friendly mood.

May 15 2018

New Wholesale Toys: Shimmeez, Tiny Hands & Untamed Fingerlings

We’re committed to stocking the newest and coolest toys for our retailers. At License 2 Play, we go out of our way to make sure you know which brands will be popular. This month, we’re sharing three newcomers to our wholesale toy collection: Shimmeez, Tiny Hands, and Untamed Fingerlings. Shimmeez are glittery, cuddly friends every kid will want. With the Tiny Hands game, your next party becomes even more fun, and Untamed Fingerlings keep you on your toes by being tame one moment and ferocious the next.

May 07 2018

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Toy Store

As a small independent retailer, you have to take advantage of different marketing strategies to gain customers for your store. While a social media presence isn’t a requirement to run a successful business, you may find that using those accounts can increase your customer base and encourage repeat visits to your store. A little bit of effort along these lines can go a long way. Here are some tips for marketing your gift or toy store with social media.

Apr 24 2018

Product Spotlight: Fingerlings Keep Coming Back for More

The Fingerlings baby monkeys have taken the world by storm. Fingerlings have been widely recognized as one of the best toys on the market for kids. They were named toy of the year in 2017 and for good reasons. These little creatures are adorable and hold on to your finger. They love being held and talked to and respond with noises and animations to share how they feel. Even if you have collected all the monkeys, you don’t have to stop, because the Fingerlings are back with a new collection of toys.

Apr 18 2018

Visit License 2 Play at the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy Trade Show

This year, the Marketplace & Academy Trade Show takes place from June 10-13 in New Orleans, LA. All events are hosted at the Ernest Morial Convention Center. License 2 Play will have booth #345, where we’ll display many of our newest and bestselling products. We’d love for you to join us there. Here we’ll explain what this event is all about and why it’s so important for the toy industry.

Apr 08 2018

Pure Clean Fun with Wholesale DIY Bath Bombs

When you’re looking for new products to stock your shelves with, you’re probably interested in getting the latest toys. While they definitely deserve a spot in your store and we offer the most popular wholesale toys for you to browse through, you might also want to stock some unusual toys. We’d like to introduce you to our DIY bath bombs. If there’s one thing that kids like even more than playing with new toys, it’s making their own toys.

Mar 21 2018

Recap of Toy Fair 2018

Last month, License 2 Play attended the Toy Fair 2018 – an international trade show hosted in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. From February 17th through 20th, attendees were able to browse the latest and greatest of entertainment products for kids of all ages. It turns out that you don’t have to be a child to have a lot of fun looking at and playing with toys. Many new and exciting products were revealed, and our team also had fun showing off our impressive collection.

Mar 15 2018

How Your Toy Store Can Promote Family Fun on the Weekends

Your local toy or gift store fulfills many different functions. In addition to stocking the latest collection of toys your customers are looking for, you’ll also want to provide them with some value-added service. For example, your expertise is instrumental in helping them find the right toy for their needs or locate a specific toy they want to buy. Additionally, you can use your expertise to encourage families to have fun together, especially on the weekends.

Mar 05 2018

5 Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Gift or Toy Store

When you’re running an independent toy store or gift shop, you’re in charge of doing the marketing yourself. If you’ve just opened and are trying to get the business off the ground, you must get the word out about your store. If your shop has been around for a while, you must promote the things you have to offer to keep customers coming back for more. Here are some ideas to help you market your store.