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These Games will Keep You Laughing During Family Night

May 01, 2022

Bonding with the family while playing games is one of the greatest ways to build memories and bring on the laughter. Trending for 2022, these 12 games keep the giggles and surprises coming. Check them out and pick your favorite!

1) Upside Down
Completing simple tasks sounds easy enough. But, what if you had to tackle them while wearing upside glasses that make the world around you look topsy turvy? With 25 tasks to attempt, it’s a race to see who can collect five points first!

2) Who's the Goat
Speaking of challenges, what if you had to predict which player would perform the task the best? Think you could do it? If so, you could win this squishy goat game where tin cans are better than gold!

3) Happy Little Accidents
?Bob Ross’ vision for turning mistakes into something beautiful has inspired a new game called Happy Little Accidents. Each player has an opportunity to create a masterpiece and select the one he or she likes the best. It’s the self-esteem-building game where positivity meets creativity.

4) Bye Felicia
If word association is more your vibe, Bye Felicia is the game for you! In this fast-paced game, you have a small window to come up with your answer and try to match it with what other players’ put on their lists. But, don’t get it wrong or it’s Bye Felicia!

5) Kraft Heinz Variety Game
Three beloved food brands now have their own games in this variety pack. Choose from the JELL-O Jiggler Slap Game, KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese Game, and HEINZ Ketchup Dice Game to make any rainy day or long car ride a fun family time to remember. We dare you to get through them all without craving some cherry JELL-O or cheesy mac!

6) Keepin' It Saxy
?Help Kenny G find his smooth sound and mellow out during his chaotic day. Kenny needs to untangle his locks and beat rush hour traffic while finding his groove. The more the merrier when the sweet tunes begin to play!

7) Mega Mouth
Can you read lips? Find out with this lip magnifying game that makes silent guessing a hilarious pastime everyone can enjoy.

8) No Filter: The Candid Conversation Game
It’s time to get to know your parents and neighbors or break the ice with new friends. The No Filter game offers a chance for surprising answers to bond groups together like no other.

9) Hangry Game
Sharpen those reflexes! This card matching game will have your hands slapped in the process if you’re not quick enough. Flip your food card, match it, and win! Just be sure to be on the lookout for others who also need a match to your cards or you might miss out.

10) Ghosted Game
Clue fans will love this game! The plot twist? You are solving your own demise from the great beyond. Go out-of-this realm to piece the mystery together and win!

11) Bluffaneer Dice Game
Pirates are out to steal the treasure with a game of bluffing and getting caught. While X may mark the spot, it’s the one with the best poker face that can snatch the treasure and win. Do you have what it takes to bluff your way through?

12) Bluey's Bingo
This image-matching version of Bingo has young Bluey fans excited to unplug from screens and set up for family time with everyone’s favorite Blue Healer. Kids will look forward to matching the characters while building development skills along the way. Who says learning can’t be fun?

Which is Your Favorite
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