Largest Selection Of Wholesale Licensed Toys


Oct 28 2021

Find All Your Favorite Mego Characters at License 2 Play

License 2 Play offers an impressive collection of the most beloved and collected wholesale Mego characters. With14 points of articulation along with original quality and detail, these legendary replicas are ready to ship to your retail store. Take a closer look at these top-selling categories and see which characters your inventory has been missing.

Oct 15 2021

5 Toys and Crafts That can Provide Comfort for Patients with Alzheimer's

A few of the multiple complications resulting from an Alzheimer's diagnosis can include the memory loss associated with the disease as well as increased levels of anxiety and depression. Certain toys can help patients suffering from such symptoms by engaging them in skill-building exercises and offering comfort in times of great stress. Here are some ways toys and crafts can brighten up a rainy day for your loved one or patient.

Oct 01 2021

How Adding DIY Craft Kits to Your Inventory can Increase Sales

Looking for a quick way to boost your retail sales? Adding DIY craft kits to your inventory will attract a wider audience to your physical or online store and pair perfectly with most any family-centered items you already sell. Check out these five reasons DIY craft kits could be a quick solution for generating more traffic and leads for your retail store.

Sep 30 2021

How to Get Google to Notice Your Retail Website

Is your e-commerce website attracting attention online and generating sales? If your retail site is lacking the luster to get noticed by search users, here are some easy steps to take that can help put you on Google’s radar for top URLs to visit.

Sep 15 2021

How Playing With Toys and Crafts can Relieve Stress

Children with high levels of stress often exhibit behavioral problems or have issues learning at school. They can also have difficulties making friends or finding joy in life's adventures. The good news is toys can help teach children coping strategies as well as offer a less intimidating opportunity to discuss the source of their anxiety or stress with adults.

Sep 01 2021

5 Reasons Why Cats Vs Pickles Toys Continue to Be A Best Seller for Retailers

Are you curious to know why Cats Vs Pickles plushies are some of the best selling toys in retail stores everywhere? What makes them so popular and why can’t store owners and managers keep them in stock? Let’s delve into the world of these skittish cats and lovable pickles to discover what makes them continue to top the charts in toy sales with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Aug 25 2021

Hot Selling Toys for Summer 2021

These hot selling plushies, figurines, and playsets have been some of the most sought-after toys for summer 2021! Check out what retailers everywhere are excited about stocking as consumers search online and off for these top trending toys.

Aug 16 2021

5 Ways DIY Friendship Bracelets Help Build Confidence

Children have been making impressively woven or knotted friendship bracelets for centuries. Although the materials, colors, and techniques vary, the bands have something in common. They help build both self-esteem and confidence for the creator.

Aug 01 2021

Hot Selling Water Toys for Every Age Group

Water toys are a fun way to turn bath time into a super fun adventure or add memorable excitement to time spent with the family outdoors. Looking for the hottest selling water products for your inventory? Check out some of our favorites for each age group.

Jul 29 2021

The Best Selling Products That Keep the Whole Family Entertained

These hot-selling products add the fun to family night. Since the pandemic began, families have been searching for activities they can do together at home. The options below are fun for people of all ages and turn staying in with the family the best part of the week!

Jul 15 2021

Kids Love These Glow in the Dark Toys!

Some toys are simply more fun with the lights are out! License 2 Play offers all the favorite wholesale nighttime play activities kids love like these popular glow in the dark toys. Each one has its own special secret that can only be shared when the sun has gone down. Which is your favorite?

Jul 01 2021

Why Playing With Dolls can Lead to Better Social Skills

Within the toy industry, dolls have arguably played the largest role in social skill development than any other category of toys. From lifesize baby dolls to miniature figurines, what makes these products so valuable when learning about human interaction? Come explore some of the top reasons humans rely on dolls to help us connect to others.