Largest Selection Of Wholesale Licensed Toys


Jun 19 2017

Wholesale Squishies Squeezeables - Novelty Products Feature

One of the things that help toys stores differentiate from their competitors is the type of novelty products they sell. And that’s why License 2 Play offers a wide selection of these types of toys.

Jun 09 2017

Product Spotlight: Plasticine and What Makes It So Popular

Clay is without a doubt one of the most popular toys of all times. The problem with regular clay is that it dries out and hardens over time. And that’s why we recommend Plasticine products for little sculptors-to-be. Plasticine can be used for modelling, just like clay, but it NEVER DRIES OUT. That makes it a favorite with parents and educators, too.

Jun 07 2017

TOP 4 Reasons to Attend the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy Trade Show

If there’s one compelling reason to attend the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy trade show this month, it’s their vision: “To change the world through the power of play”. Clearly all of us can remember specific toys from our own childhood. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we’re so fascinated with the toys children play with today.

Jun 02 2017

Marketing Tips for Gift and Toy Stores

Running a specialty store that sells gifts and toys is fun, but marketing a small store can have its challenges, especially when you’re going up against larger, more well-known chain stores and online stores with a big, overwhelming presence. How do you get the attention that your store deserves? How do you make your business stand out?

May 05 2017

Where to Buy Wholesale Toys

License 2 Play offers some of the most popular, bestselling, and well-known toys available, and when it comes to retail shopping, their wholesale toys are guaranteed to fly off shelves. The company distributes everything from blind boxes that contain surprise figures, to card games, tiny toys, and spinners to keep kids engaged and having fun.

May 05 2017

Wholesale Fidget Spinners - Fidget Toys

Sometimes you just need to do something with your hands, and that’s where fidget toys come in to play. Originally created for kids with autism and ADHD, these mesmerizing spinners are the perfect distraction in a stressful situation. The toys use a simple concept to calm children who have a hard time sitting still; you simply spin the circles to keep the momentum of the toy going. Watching the circles spin while trying to discover new ways to use the spinner keeps kids and adults engaged. It’s even been said that fidget spinners may even improve concentration in the classroom, especially when it comes to special needs kids in school environments.

May 01 2017

Fake News / Real News: The Game of Fake News and Alternative Facts Debuts to Commemorate Administration's 100th Day

License-2-Play, LLC today announced the release of Fake News / Real News, a fast-paced card game of fake news and alternative facts to commemorate the 100th day of the Trump administration. Utilizing hundreds of real quotes from key players in the Trump presidential campaign and the early weeks of his administration, the game mixes in "fake quotes" and challenges players to decipher the real statements from the fake ones.

Apr 07 2017

Introducing The Boss Baby Assorted Plush

Have you ever felt like your baby knew what you were thinking? Or purposely manipulated you? How about a baby who has a job of his own, wears a suit, and carries a briefcase? That’s the hilarious premise behind the new DreamWorks film, “The Boss Baby.” The film follows the baby as he uses his brother to help him enact a secret mission to take down Puppy Co., and win more love for babies and less for their biggest rivals, adorable puppies.

Apr 01 2017

Top 5 Wholesale Toys for 2017

Though the year has barely started, wholesale toys are as popular as ever. With plenty of new movies aimed at children, along with old favorites, there are many top toys that are on kids’ wish lists this year. Check out the most favorite five wholesale toys so far, and keep up with 2017 trends by adding these to your toy inventory.

Mar 18 2017

A Recap of Toyfair 2017

Toyfair 2017 is a place where some of the world's largest toy manufacturers and retailers come together to show off new toys, games and to network with others from the industry. License 2 Play attends every year, where we meet our customers, source new toys, make connections and have a lot of fun checking out the new toys and games.

Mar 01 2017

Blind Package Toys – The Hot Collector's Items 

From sticker and gumball machines to blind wrapped surprises at the bottom of cereal boxes, we've always loved getting toy surprises and collecting them. No matter what generation you're from, you probably remember some of the magic of collecting toys from arcades, food boxes and even surprise packaging. Blind package toys recreate this magic, with collectible toys in blind packaging (you don't know what it is), to keep collectors coming back for more.

Feb 12 2017

Toy Fair 2017: Visit License 2 Play at Booth #2561

Toy Fair 2017 is one of the largest toy fairs in the United States (and the world) with over 415,000 square feet dedicated to toys and games. The Toy Fair Association hosts this extravaganza of toys to introduce new products, help buyers to find toys, and to connect retailers with wholesale toy distributors and manufacturers. As one of the largest toy fairs in the world,