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Nov 15 2019

7 Stocking Stuffer Toys for Your Retail Store

Soon, stockings will be hung by the chimney with care and your customers AKA Santa's elves will need to buy small toys for Santa to place inside. But, which wholesale tiny toys should you stock up on? Make a big splash with your shoppers with these seven miniature stocking stuffers

Nov 01 2019

7 Imaginative Holiday Toys Display for Retail Stores

Are you looking for a fun way to showcase toys that will catch the eye holiday shoppers? How about five? Read on to discover how these amazing displays will attract attention and inspire play no matter what your customers are into.

Oct 24 2019

Sensory Toys can be Great Sellers

Sensory toys are in high demand as 1 in 59 children are born with autism. These toys can be therapeutic and fun for those who have autism or a variety of other special needs. But, these toys do so much more. They offer their families a way to interact and develop relationships as well as act as an engaging tool for teaching and encouragement. A sensory toy display can attract those who work with special needs as well as the families searching for both the toys they know and love and those that afford the opportunity to try something new.

Oct 15 2019

How Toys Teach Gratitude

Few things in life are more heart-warming than watching a child express appreciation. A show of gratitude tells the giver this gift is effective at bringing joy to the recipient. It is a skill that children learn early on using interactive playtime and a positive reward system. Read on to discover these five ways that toys can be incorporated into teaching children to have a grateful heart.

Oct 01 2019

Animated Toys Children Love!

Many toys offer life-like interactive features designed to grab the attention of shoppers and sprinkle an extra layer of imaginative fun during playtime. These babydolls, pets, and accessories rev up the charm wherever they go. Make sure to stock your shelves and play zones with these animated toys kids will want to bring home!

Sep 16 2019

How to Start Selling Wholesale Toys Today

Are you opening a new retail store and looking for tips on how to purchase and sell the right toys for your customers? As both a toy manufacturer and wholesale distributor, people often contact us at License-2-Play to ask for advice on stocking and staging their shelves with products their customers will love. Seeing our clients' businesses thrive in this industry that is all about bringing joy to others makes our hearts happy. So, we created this list of our best industry hints for store owners that cover everything from ordering toys to setting up showcase displays that encourage purchasing.

Sep 11 2019

Popular Toys in 2019

We made a list of some of our hottest selling toys for 2019. For those who missed the Toy Fair in New York this year and can't wait till February to find out what's selling in all the stores, this list is for you. Read on to discover what the kids are talking about and why you should be stocking your shelves with these items!

Sep 03 2019

Find your Halloween Monsters, Villains, Candy and Gooey Slime at License-2-Play

Halloween is all about dressing up in your spooky best and hoping for more treats than tricks. Stock your store with a little of both from License-2-Play so customers can take their pick. With these popular items, there is sure to be something every child or zombie will love!

Aug 20 2019

History of Mego Action Figures

For nearly five decades, Mego creations have made it possible for fans to bring home action figurines of the movie and tv characters, musicians, comic heroes and villains, and other celebrities they love. These action figures spark creative play ideas by providing established well-known backstories kids can build on when they dream up their own daring adventures. Plus, there is a large variety of characters available for everyone to have a favorite. Read on to learn more about what makes these figurines continue to be so popular for multiple decades with both children and nostalgic adults alike!

Aug 09 2019

The Perfect Backpack Clip On Friends

Parents love the learning benefits, social development skills, and healthy entertainment that come from kids playing with toys. But, there are some occasions when the perfect clip-on friends are the best way to make fun-on-the-go possible. These little collectible characters can tag along on backpacks, handbags, bike baskets, belt loops and more!

Aug 01 2019

Toys Help Bring the Family Together

There are many ways toys help us grow and connect with others in the family. Although toys offer an amazing method of teaching new skills and introducing higher-level concepts, they also afford a chance to share with others, calm the mind, and reward good behavior. With all of these healthy benefits, few things bring the family together like toys.

Jul 23 2019

Dolls and Other Toys that Teach Great Caregiver Skills

Toys such as dolls encourage children to learn the rules of social interaction, they offer challenging problems to solve with make-believe scenarios that are based on real-life, and they teach some very helpful caregiver skills to children with younger siblings or pets in the home. In this article, we will explore some fantastic toys that cry, move, talk or laugh while providing plenty of practice for our future caretaker generation. From dolls that seem more like real babies to furry creatures that wiggle, these top toy picks are sure to surprise and guide children throughout the early stages of their social and nurturing development.