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How Playing With Toys and Crafts can Relieve Stress

Sep 15, 2021

Children with high levels of stress often exhibit behavioral problems or experience learning issues at school. They can also have difficulties making friends or simply finding the joy in life. The good news is toys and crafts can help teach children coping strategies as well as offer a less intimidating opportunity to discuss the source of their anxiety or stress with adults.

A Welcomed Distraction from Life’s Stressors
Life comes with a lot of ups and downs for all. However, for some children, living with high levels of stress and anxiety throughout each can feel like the norm. Here’s where the power of distraction can offer parents, teachers, and professional counselors a chance to keep the child’s mind focused on something more positive.

Crafting DIY kits like So Sand, So Slime, or Craze Sensations ASMR make excellent calming distractions from stressors as they involve different senses and require a certain degree of concentration to complete the task. With such kits, the children are able to take a break from the stress they feel as they create something new. What’s more, these kits can do more than require creative brainpower for unique designs. Depending on the kit, they can make sounds, produce post-worthy crafts, be used as an ice-breaker for social situations, and some smell super sweet like strawberries or chocolate!

Practice Role Playing Different Scenarios
Another way toys can help reduce stress is by role-playing with dolls or beloved character figurines. Just like in popular cartoons, such as “Bluey”, children are able to act out their own social dilemmas by creating scenarios for the characters and making a plan for how to work through the anxiety. They can practice the way they think other kids might react to the situation without the fear of real-life rejections or other negative responses. Eventually, they can find a way through the challenge where everyone can come together and get along, which, in turn, alleviates some of the stress involved.

Moreover, depending on the toy, there could be caretaking skills involved as well as role-playing. Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles, for instance, cries tears when fed with a magic bottle and their tummies are pressed. With dolls like these that require attention to perform an action, children can show their understanding of both what makes them sad as well as how they can help the baby feel better.

Dolls are also useful for families who are expecting new babies. Parents can role-play with their children and use these scenarios and caretaking opportunities to shed light on how the family’s routine may change while allowing the child to practice his or her sibling role.

Some Toys are Just Made to Be Squeezed!
Toys like Goo Jit Zu and Stretch Armstrong let kids squeeze, snap, spin, pop, divide, or pull resulting in a redirect of any anxious energy onto something that won’t get upset or break. Such toys are perfect for those children who struggle to stay in their seats for extended periods of time. Instead of jumping up or disrupting the class, they can their energy into pulling on the toys or squeezing them.

Goo Jit Zu characters and other sensory toy collectibles are particularly helpful for kids who want to build a collection of different sensory options. This way, they have a different experience with each character, which helps them to stay excited about the idea of relieving their stress through playing with toys. Plus, parents and teachers can rotate the characters and make certain characters a reward for behavioral or grade improvements.

Toys for Brain Injuries and Alzheimer’s Patients
Did you know patients who are suffering with brain injuries or Alzheimer’s may find toys like puzzles and baby dolls help them lower their stress levels? The puzzles challenge them to work on something they can accomplish to build their confidence and develop a sense of satisfaction. Puzzles like Jigpix can also offer a chance to work towards a goal with both problem-solving skills and memory work as this puzzle can change to become a picture of a loved one, a childhood home, or anything that brings the individual joy.

Strong nurturers may also find baby dolls give them a chance to take care of something once again. They can also help them remember what it was like to care for their own children, grandchildren, or siblings as babies.

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