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The Top Selling DIY Activities of 2022 are Here!

Jun 30, 2022

What would summer of 2022 be without running through sprinklers, splashing in pools, playing tag with friends, and, of course, DIY activities? But, these DIY activity kits offer more than just a way to break up the home-from-school boredom. Our popular picks double as super fun science projects that are sure to keep the peace on rainy days or bring the “WOW!” when friends come over.

4 Ever Fashion Design Studio
The first DIY kit is for fashion-forward students ages eight and up who dream about how to use different fabrics, patterns, and shapes to create a masterpiece that you would look forward to wearing. Introducing the 4 Ever Fashion Design Studio. Each box contains all of the stickers, fabrics, and gems that future designers need to bring their visions to life on the drawn models. It’s the perfect starter kit for those who dare to add some stylish flair.

What’s Included

  • 1x Studio
  • 1x Double-tip marker
  • 50 Gems
  • 1x Glue stick
  • 6x Markers
  • 3x Stencils
  • 6x Printed rolls
  • 2x Sticker sheets
  • 10x Printed sheets
  • 5x Self-adhesive fabric sheets
  • 20x Design sheets

So Magic Mini Glitterarium
Looking for a healthy dose of summer magic? Just add glitter! With the So Magic Mini Glitterarium, kids ages eight and up can create their own mini worlds to decorate their rooms. In six short hours, a plastic container could reveal a beautiful magic glittering tree with colorful crystals. Then, kids can decorate each tree base with sparkling sand, glitter stones, and a surprise character. Plus, since each bag contains a mystery tree color, kids will have a blast collecting and growing them all!

What’s Included

  • 1x Plastic terrarium container and base
  • 1x Paper magic tree
  • 1x Bag of growing power
  • 1x bag of glitter sand
  • 1x Character figure
  • 1x Glitter stone
  • 3x Small glitter stones

Lava Lamp
Another way to light up a room decor with a splash of summer colors is for children to create their very own personalized lava lamp! The Style 4 Ever Lava Lamp kit gives kids a way to brighten the night and add a touch of mesmerizing pizazz to any bedroom, playroom, or living room. What makes it so popular? We think it’s the swirling beads, color-changing LEDs, and glittering vibrant bubbles that make it a marvel to behold and a major hit for slumber parties and aspiring interior decorators this summer.

What’s Included

  • 1x Battery-powered lava lamp base with LED light
  • 1x Clear lamp bottle
  • Stickers
  • Decorative inserts
  • Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Beads
  • 1x Colorant bottle

So Slime Fidget Slime Kit
What about kids who struggle to get the wiggles out during those summer storms? Kids ages three and up cannot get enough of the So Slime Fidget Slime Kit. Imagine taking a child’s fascination with goopy and squishy slime and mixing it with some of the top mini fidget toys available. Best, of all, parents love that it’s all-inclusive, mess-free, and fabulously entertaining! This kit has everything kids need to craft one of two colors of slime or a blend of both with no messy clean-up required. Then, fidget toys are added for an extra layer of fun and exciting sensations.

What’s Included

  • 2x Slime powder packs
  • 9x Fidget toys

Bob Ross Gummy Kit
So far, we’ve discussed kits for the young fashion designers, interior decorators, and summer squirmers. Those practicing their culinary genius, art fans, and those who simply love the taste of delicious homemade sour candies will be astounded at what they can create with the Bob Ross Gummy Kit. With this kit, kids can turn “Happy little accidents” into tasty treats shaped like squirrels, brushes, palettes, trees, and more! Now, this is how summer science should taste.

What’s Included

  • Mold tray
  • Colorful gummy mixes
  • Super sour powder

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