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Why Fans are Raving About Lucky Bob and His Clumsy Adventure Toys

Dec 29, 2021

If you’ve heard about the hilarious gaming app called “Lucky Bob: Messy Adventures”, you’ll love the new toy series by License 2 Play that has kids rolling with laughter. These toys check all the boxes for fun, including special codes to let kids live in Lucky Bob’s interactive world. Here’s why fans want to collect them all!

Who is Lucky Bob?
Lucky Bob and his clumsy adventures land him in a series of extremely awkward, and sometimes fairly painful situations, that will make kids ages three and up laugh out loud. The “Lucky Bob: Messy Adventures” app offers various interactive mini-games for children to play. Each game allows the player to avoid mishaps as they dodge obstacles, run away from a hungry dog, or match items to advance to the next level.

Who is Lucky Bob's Audience?
While the predominant age group for Lucky Bob fans is likely to be early school-aged children, these adventures are perfect for the whole family to share. If parents are looking for silly toys and games to bond over during family night or if kids are seeking a way to stay entertained while running errands with Mom, Lucky Bob’s toys and “Messy Adventures” app is the ideal solution.

How to Start the Adventure at Home
The adventure begins when the mini 1.6” figures are purchased from a single pack, two-pack, or five-pack assortment. Kids will be amazed as each pack comes with a straw to inflate the built-in tube that lets the figures explode out of the box. Then, players can download the app and scan the special included code to reveal their chance to interact with Lucky Bob’s world. It’s that easy to get started!

What Toys are Available
License 2 Play offers over 60 figures to collect and use to create a series of comic scenes all their own. Each one is part of an unfortunate situation and comes with an accessory as well as a unique code that lets the player become a part of the Lucky Bob adventures online. Examples include Lucky Bob as a T-ball player where the ball hits him in the eye, a clumsy boxer Bob where gym equipment hits the boxer in the eye, or Bob tripping into the fallen supermarket basket with spilled groceries.

Whether a flower pot has broken on top of Bob’s head or Bob is chasing an out-of-control lawnmower, these figures and accessories will supply children with endless stories to create and act out. Plus, the figures change colors with water for more funny surprises, such as Lucky Bob’s eye turning purple after receiving an ouchy in the gym. There are even some figures that glow in the dark!

Introducing 5-Pack Scenes
Lucky Bob’s five-pack assortment offers yet more hidden surprises! Each box contains five zany figures, accessories, and special interactive video codes. As if that’s not exciting enough, kids will be overjoyed when they find one rare character with a special finish! Also, fans can search for one of four different scenes to collect, including the school, gym, street, and supermarket. Which will be their favorite?

Where to Buy Wholesale Lucky Bob Toys
If your business is not already selling the Lucky Bob’s Clumsy Adventure toys, the good news is it’s not too late to stock up on these trending hot-sellers. License 2 Play has the single pack, two-pack, and five-pack assortment available. When you visit our safe and secure website, you can enjoy worry-free shopping for top-selling toys. Best of all, registration is a breeze with our online form. From plushies and games to action figures and toys that make you laugh like hilarious Lucky Bob items, find what your shoppers are searching for at License 2 Play!