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Welcome Back to The Grossery Gang: Series 5 Available Now

Jun 07, 2018

If you haven’t heard of the putrid characters from The Grossery Gang series, you have been missing out. Created by Moose Toys – the Australian company that also brought you Shopkins – the unique, expired grocery products from The Grossery Gang have been dominating the toy aisles since 2016. The new collection of the Series 5 includes a variety of shady characters along with some rare collectibles and special edition items.

What to Expect from The Grocery Gang

The Grossery Gang collection is geared towards children of the ages between 5 and 12, although anyone who enjoys fun and grossness will have a great time with these toys. The main idea behind these toys is that your groceries have gone rotten. The characters are uniquely designed and come with interesting names and personalities, such as Putrid Pizza and Dodgey Donut. You can get the ones you like best or collect them all. When you buy any of these character packs, a receipt with a list of available Grossery items is included. The slimy fun continues with series 5.

New Release of Series 5

Thanks to the popularity of these items, Moose Toys has released Series 5 this June 2018. Fans of The Grossery Gang will be excited to see the new collection of rotten groceries. The theme is called Time Wars, and it includes a variety of new characters. In addition to items that used to be edible, the new collection features robots and computer viruses. You can even pick up Fungus Fossils to complete your set.

Series 5 is all about battling enemies from the future. The Grossery Gang has accidentally come across a time portal, which was found inside of a stinky toilet. To survive, the slimy Grossery characters must unite and use their weapons against enemies of all kinds, including robots. The battle takes place in and around the toilet, with special surprised revealed inside the murky depths of indoor plumbing.

Meet the New Characters

The new collection includes Time Wasters, Putrid Pirates, Scrabby Samurai, and Vile West. You’ll also find Medieval Muck and Jurassic Muck in the new series. Rotbots Grosseries are ultra-rare, and Computer Viruses are special edition items. Fungus Fossils are part of the limited edition. The items can be purchased as large packs, surprise packs, or supersized packs.

A large pack includes 10 different Grosseries with 8 separate weapons. You’ll also get a toilet, a funnel, and a fizz block along with a collector’s guide. The regular pack includes 3 different Grosseries as well as one surprise Grossery. Grossery characters are also available as action figures. These action figures are bigger versions of the Grosseries, and many of them are able to carry weapons to fight against slimy intruders – whether they are bacteria or robots from the future.

Series 5 Special Surprise

If you’re familiar with The Grossery Gang, you probably aren’t surprised to see a toilet or weapons in the collection. In fact, this is the second time that toilets were part of a series. However, this time there is a little twist for some of the merchandise. The toilet is used to reveal a hidden Grossery. You must pour water into the toilet and shake the toilet fizz to reveal the surprise Grossery. Moose Toys aptly named this Flush ‘n’ Fizz. The toilet action makes the secret Grossery reveal more fun than ever.

Grossery Gang Play Sets

The Grossery Gang Series 5 also includes various play sets to add to the fun. For example, you can get a robot vehicle to help fight the latest attackers. Series 5 also comes with a dinosaur play set. The Trash-O-Saur chomps and chews everything in sight, and he is not picky. Will the Grosseries be able to stop him from devouring every slimy, expired product on the shelves? It all depends whether they’re able to unite their slimy friends and learn how to use their weapons effectively.

Available to Order at License 2 Play

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