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The Benefits of Sensory Toys and The Top 5 Products

Dec 16, 2022

Did you know that our brains (especially a child's brain) react to sensory input in many complex ways? Have you been looking for a way to help your child explore their sense safely? Have you ever considered the benefits of sensory toys would be? Mainly focusing on the five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing), the benefits of sensory toys range from affecting the sense to affecting the body's awareness and balance.

Sensory toys help anyone with high and low sensory thresholds explore all of their senses while having fun. Not only do sensory toys help promote the sense of touch and focus, but they also help reduce anxiety and develop and improve fine motor and language skills. So, are you ready to help have a positive and fun experience exploring the five senses? Here are the top 5 sensory toys.

DOODLEJAMZ Sensory Table
Are you looking for the perfect sensory toy for when you're on the move? Do you want a way to design an infinite number of artistic creations without the mess? Similar to the feeling you get when finger painting, the DOODLEJAMZ offers a fantastic sensory touch experience.

As a vacuum-sealed drawing pad, the DODDLEJAMZ is filled with soft and squishy beads and gel that can be squished, shaped, drawn on, and sculpted - with endless artistic creations. Shake, wobble, and toss it into your bag; your design will stay in place while you're on the move.

Bumpas Weighted Plush
Have you ever wanted a friend that will forever be by your side to love, listen, and protect you? Come one, come all, the Bumpas Weighted Plush is perfect for all ages!

Bumpas is a weighted plush doll that holds onto you (hands-free), offering you endless unconditional love. In addition, its weight creates deep pressure simulation that helps to create a calming effect - instilling a sense of security, helping to reduce stress, and improving sleep quality.

Fidget Toy Stick N Slap
Have you ever been sitting down with a flat surface in front of you, and you just endlessly fidget with a pen, clicking and tapping it over and over? With the Stick N' Slap fidget strip, you no longer need to annoy the people around you with the endless pen clicking.

Flat on one side, with small suction cups on the other side, this fidget strip can bend, twist, and stick to any flat surface. You will be entertained when you are fidgety, and you will be sure to repeat the play repeatedly.

Fidget Toy Slug
Have you been looking for the perfect-sized fidget toy for a small gift or party favor? Do you need something small to fidget with on the go or while at work? The fidget toy slug is the perfect size for all your fidgeting needs and is the ideal size for your fingers.

Coming in fun colors and with a great feel, the Fidget Toy Slug is the sensory favorite for all ages! It is super flexible and can rotate 360 degrees - you will surely have endless and mindless entertainment wherever you are.

Are you ready to enjoy a triple-sensory experience? The BooToobz is a twisting maze-like transparent sensory tube. Filled with a unique goo mix (goo, glitter, and beads), the rushing of the goo back and forth creates a vibration-like effect in your hands. Hear the sounds of the beads flowing, feel the gel squish, and get mesmerized by the glittering goo flowing through the tubes.

Impossible to put down once picked up, whatever your sensory preferences are, GooToobz has a style that you will like best. Squeeze, listen, watch the goo and pick the best one for your collection!

Whether you are someone with a high or low sensory threshold, it is essential to explore your sense - so why not have fun while doing it? Sensory toys offer endless and mindless entertainment wherever you go. You just need to find the right one for your sensory needs!