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Wholesale DOODLEJAMZ™ Sensory Tablet (Jelly Pics) in 16pc Counter Display | DJ207-S2

UPC : 850031949393

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys LLC

Character Type : DoodleJamz

DOODLEJAMZ™ Jelly Pics Sensory Tablet in 16pc Counter Display

DOODLEJAMZ™ are squish n’ shape drawing pads filled with soft, squishy gel and beads that can be drawn on or sculpted to create endless artistic creations!

  • DOODLEJAMZ™ are vacuum-sealed, so you can shake, wobble or toss them in your backpack and your Doodle design will stay in place.
  • The squishy nature allows for an amazing sensory touch experience, similar to finger-painting but without the mess!
  • Design infinite artistic creations using your fingers or the included stylus for making broad strokes or finite, articulated movements. 

JellyPics are filled with transparent gel and colored beads to sculpt, mold, and design over any picture you want! JellyPics contain little, soft spheres that you can push around the background picture with your fingers, or you can use your stylus.

  • Each JellyPics comes with an emoji backer card to decorate with custom hairstyles.
  • You can customize your design by swapping out the removable backer card so you can design your beads over emojis, landscapes, or even selfie photos!
  • Non-Electronic Art Tablet!
  • Hours of creative play!
  • The vacuum-sealed gel holds beads in place!

**Not Available for Third-Party Sellers**