Largest Selection Of Wholesale Licensed Toys

License 2 Play Toys started selling licensed toys in 2004 with the mission of helping independent retailers find and source the best-selling licensed toys. We understand that sourcing products can be challenging and time-consuming for busy business owners.

Today, after 18 years in business, License 2 Play Toys still offers a one-stop wholesale website with the most extensive selection of licensed toys, gifts, novelty items, candies, and more. We remain committed to providing independent retailers with the products and services they need to succeed in a competitive market.

Wholesale Shot in the Dark - The Ultimate Unorthodox Quiz Game | 91022
Wholesale Bluffaneer Dice Game | 1028
Wholesale No Filter: The Candid Conversation Game | 1042-NF
Wholesale Hangry Game | 1035
Wholesale Ghosted Game | 1031
Wholesale Ywow 100pc Space Mini Puzzle in 9pc Counter Display | 200260
Wholesale Ywow Mini Puzzle 50pc Heinz Kraft Ketchup in 18pc Counter Display | 200299
Wholesale Mini Zen Garden Scented 100pc Puzzle Assortment in 20pc Counter Display | 131220054
Wholesale Ywow Scented Wellness 1000pc Puzzle Assortment | 131210063
Wholesale Ywow Supersize Puzzle 1000pc Kool-Aid Retro Jammers | 131210102
Wholesale Ywow Supersize Round Puzzle 300pc Assortment | 131220042
Wholesale Puzzleggz™ 48pc Dinosaur Puzzle Assortment in 6pc Counter Display | 200300