Largest Selection Of Wholesale Licensed Toys

Founded in 1996, Boston America had a goal to create a high-quality line of products that people absolutely had to buy the instant they saw them. Boston America oversees every aspect of the evolution of their novelty candies and drinks, from conceptual drawings to finished goods.

Over 26 years later, Boston America Corp. products can be found throughout the United States in over 8,000 retail establishments, spanning all avenues of distribution including specialty, drug, mass, and grocery.

Wholesale Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Shaped Mints in Collectible Tin | 17495
Wholesale Sloth Shaped Sour Candy in Collectible Tin | 5822
Wholesale Pac-Man Power Pac’ed Energy Drink - 12oz | 17621
Wholesale Nintendo Super Star Sour Candy in Collectible Tin | 17229
Wholesale Sour Edible Slime Candy in Collectible Jar | 5735
Wholesale The Office 'Holiday Party' Candy in Collectible Tin Ornament | 17606
Wholesale Bob Ross The Joy of Calm Sparkling Drink - 12oz | 17617
Wholesale Pac-Man Level Up Energy Drink - 12oz | 17622
Wholesale Pac-Man Shaped Candy in 80s Arcade Collectible Tin | 17338
Wholesale It Pennywise Red Balloon Shaped Sour Candy in Collectible Tin | 17610
Wholesale JAWS 'Amity Island' Shark Tooth Shaped Candy in Collectible Tin | 17574
Wholesale Dragon Ball Z 'Senzu Beans' Sour Candy in Drawstring Bag | 17609