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Wholesale Retoro™ Retro Tech Xtreme 15 Inch Plush – Parker The Player™ | 17410

Item Number : 17410

UPC : 022286174107

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Retoro™

Retoro™ Retro Tech Xtreme 15 Inch Plush – Parker The Player™

Experience the nostalgia of a classic Walkman in a unique, oversized plush companion!

Bring a touch of nostalgia and huggable charm into your world with Parker The Player from the Retoro™ Retro Tech Plush line. This oversized version of our beloved 6-inch plush captures the essence of a classic Walkman, reimagined in a larger-than-life form to become an extraordinary companion.

Key Features:

  • ICONIC DESIGN: Parker is shaped like a classic Walkman, a rectangle that oozes retro charm and pays homage to the gadget that changed the music game.
  • REAL WORKING HANDLE: The iconic black handle at the top adds a touch of authenticity, allowing you to carry Parker wherever your adventures take you.
  • ADORABLE FEET: Parker's personality shines through its lovely feet, bouncing with a bright yellow and iridescent glitter/shimmer sole. Their lively movement brings an enchanting whimsy to playtime.
  • CHEEKY FACIAL EXPRESSION: Underneath its two big, adorable eyes, Parker sports a cheeky smile that exudes confidence and enthusiasm. The cassette tape "inside" the Walkman is a testament to the era it represents.
  • BATTERY PACK GRAPHIC: On the back of the plush, discover an additional feature that resembles the location where batteries would be inserted into the actual technology it represents, adding a touch of authenticity to the design.
  • ANIMATED POSTURE: With two playful legs poking out of the body with feet, Parker sits upright with its feet popping out in front of itself, ready for fun and cuddles.
  • FILLED WITH LOVE: With ultra-soft and fluffy stuffing, Parker promises a huggable and comforting embrace that brings joy to playtime and downtime.
  • IMAGINATIVE BACK STORY: While Parker might not have sound effects or electric capabilities, its novelty value sparks imaginative play and storytelling, inviting kids to relive the magic of the past.

Hangtag Bio: Parker is the ultimate music lover, always on the move with his favorite tunes and a pep in his step. While other players might pause to chat, Parker keeps on walking, grooving to the rhythm of his own beat. With his cheeky smile and classic Walkman design, he's a reminder that life is a melody meant to be enjoyed. Join Parker in reliving the excitement of old-school tech and let the journey of imagination begin!

Parker the Player - a plush toy that's perfect for snuggling and relaxing! Its timeless design and comfortable texture make it a cuddly companion that will steal your heart. Nostalgia never goes out of style - let Parker inspire your customers to enjoy endless playtime and cuddles.