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Wholesale Retoro™ Retro Tech Plush 15 Inch Xtreme Plush – Barry The Boombox™ | 17414-L2P

Item Number : 17414-L2P

UPC : 022286174145

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Retoro™

Retoro™ Retro Tech Plush 15 Inch Xtreme Plush – Barry The Boombox™

Experience a blast from the past and jam along to the classic rhythm with Barry the Boombox™ from Retoro™ Retro Tech Plush Series 1!

Step into the groove of nostalgia and get ready to party with the Retoro™ Retro Tech Plush 15 Inch Xtreme Plush – Barry The Boombox. This larger-than-life rendition of our beloved 6-inch plush brings the retro boombox charm to life, inspiring music and dance in every playtime beat.

Key Features:

  • OVERSIZED PLUSH: Barry The Boombox's 15-inch size amplifies its charisma, making it a standout piece in any collection. The larger-than-life graphics capture the essence of the iconic boombox, taking you on a journey through musical history.
  • ICONIC BOOMBOX HANDLE: Barry retains his signature black and white handle at the top, an iconic feature that allows you to carry him around, spreading the joy of music wherever you go.
  • ADORABLE AESTHETICS: The charcoal grey plush body adorned with black and white accents perfectly mirrors the classic boombox design. Barry's boombox graphics are meticulously printed, adding a touch of charm to every inch.
  • SPEAKER-LIKE EYES: Barry's big, adorable eyes are positioned above its cute cheeks, resembling the speakers of a classic boombox. They exude warmth and a sense of playfulness.
  • CASSETTE TAPE DETAIL: The cassette tape graphic with play button graphics in the middle of the body speaks to the era of cassette tapes and adds an authentic touch to the plush's design.
  • BATTERY PACK GRAPHIC: An additional feature on the back, reminiscent of the location where batteries would be inserted into an actual boombox, adds an extra layer of authenticity to Barry's charm.
  • WHIMSICAL FEET: Barry's feet are a playful highlight, bouncing with a black and iridescent glitter/shimmer sole that captures the light and adds a touch of magic to playtime.
  • LIVELY POSTURE: Sporting two cartoon-like legs poking out of the body, Barry sits upright with its feet popping out in front, ready to dance to the rhythm of your imagination.
  • FILLED WITH LOVE: Filled with ultra-soft and fluffy filling, Barry The Boombox promises an embrace that combines nostalgia with irresistible comfort.

Hangtag Bio: Meet Barry The Boombox, the life of the party who turns any frown upside down. No matter the situation, Barry's ready to pop in a cassette and get everyone grooving to the beat. With its charming handle and speaker-like eyes, Barry brings the spirit of celebration to life. Join Barry on a musical adventure, where every moment is a reason to dance and every memory is a melody.

Indulge in the vibrancy of Retoro™ Retro Tech Plush 15 Inch Xtreme Plush – Barry The Boombox and relive the joy of music's golden era. Order now and let the dance of nostalgia begin in huggable style!