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Wholesale Sandoichis™ 7.5 Inch Adorable Sandwich Plush Assortment in 6pc Counter Display | 16250

Item Number : 16250

UPC : 022286162500

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Sandoichis

Introducing the Sandoichis™ 7.5 Inch Plush Assortment - a delightful combination of adorable animals and mouthwatering sandwiches!

Step into a world of endless possibilities at the mystical sandwich shop of Sandoichis! These super-soft, super-cute plushies bring together the enchantment of magical animals and the deliciousness of your favorite sandwiches. Get ready for an unforgettable dining experience where all you need is a loving embrace and a giant smile!

Key Features:

  • MAGICAL 'ANIMAL + SANDWICH' COMBOS: Each plush in this assortment is a delightful fusion of magical animals and mouthwatering sandwiches, combining cuteness and deliciousness in one enchanting plush creature.
  • PERFECT SIZED PLUSH: Each plush stands approximately 7.5 inches tall, making them the perfect size for hugging, cuddling, and displaying.
  • KAWAII AESTHETICS: Sandoichis plush line embraces the irresistibly cute "kawaii" aesthetic, a beloved cultural phenomenon from Japan, to create endearing and huggable plushies that bring joy and charm to your life.
  • SERIES 1 ORDER UP: Series 1 features six unique characters to collect, each with its special charm and personality. Meet Patty the PB & Jellicorn™, Charlie the Chicken Sando™, Geno the Corgi Cheesesteak™, Penny the Ice Cream Pengwich™, Tammy the Grilled Cheese Tabby™, and Peggy the Panini Pig™!
  • EASY TO MERCHANDISE: These cute stuffed animals have a handy hangtag and j-hook, making it effortless to showcase and sell them in your store. You can also display them on a shelf using the branded counter display.
  • CHARACTER BIO ON HANGTAG: The hangtag includes delightful character descriptions, adding a touch of magic and whimsy to the collectible experience.

About the Brand:

In a faraway land in a mystical sandwich shop where the possibilities are endless, but the condiments cost extra, live the Sandoichis™. So, put down your eating utensils and prepare for an unforgettable experience because when you dine with Sandoichis™, you only need a loving embrace and a giant smile. :)

There are six magical 'animal + sandwich' combos to meet in Series 1! Collect Patty the PB & Jellicorn™, Charlie the Chicken Sando™, Geno the Corgi Cheesesteak™, Penny the Ice Cream Pengwich™, Tammy the Grilled Cheese Tabby™, and Peggy the Panini Pig™ now!

Prepare for even more delightful 'animal + sandwich' combinations in Series 2–Coming soon!

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