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Wholesale Sandoichis™ Mini Clip-On Plush Mystery Bag Assortment in 18pc Counter Display (Vending Machine Inspired) | 17345-L2P

Item Number : 17345-L2P

UPC : 022286173452

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Sandoichis

Step into the world of enchantment with the Sandoichis™ Mini Clip-On Plush Mystery Bag!

Delight in the excitement of each mystery bag as you uncover an adorable mini plush that marries magical animals with the deliciousness of sandwiches. These portable and cute mini plush are perfect for accessorizing your bags and backpacks, infusing cuteness into everyday adventures. Whether you're a passionate collector or seeking a whimsical gift, the Sandoichis Mini Clip-On Plush Mystery Bag will fill your heart with joy and wonder.

Key Features:

  • IRRESISTABLE MINI CLIP-ON PLUSH: Inside each mystery bag, you'll find a charming mini plush, combining the allure of magical animals and the delicious appeal of your favorite sandwiches.
  • FULL OF MYSTERY AND SURPRISE: As you open each bag, you'll experience the excitement of discovering a cute surprise plush character.
  • PORTABLE MEETS ADORABLE: Add a touch of charm to your adventures with these adorable mini plush toys that easily attach to your bags, backpacks, or keychains.
  • KAWAII AESTHETICS: Sandoichis plush line embraces the irresistibly cute "kawaii" aesthetic, a beloved cultural phenomenon from Japan, to create endearing and huggable plushies that bring joy and charm to your life.
  • SERIES 1 ORDER UP: Series 1 features SEVEN unique characters to collect, each with its special charm and personality. Meet Sly the Sloth Sub™ (exclusive to the clip-on assortment), Patty the PB & Jellicorn™, Charlie the Chicken Sando™, Geno the Corgi Cheesesteak™, Penny the Ice Cream Pengwich™, Tammy the Grilled Cheese Tabby™, and Peggy the Panini Pig™!
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING: Whether you're an avid collector or looking for a delightful gift, the Sandoichis Mini Clip-On Plush Mystery Bag will captivate the hearts of all ages.
  • UNIQUE COUNTER DISPLAY: The branded counter display, inspired by classic vending machines, includes 18 exciting mystery bags. 

Don't sleep on the Sandoichis™ Mini Clip-On Plush Mystery Bags! These cute bags feature surprise plush characters inspired by 'Animal + Sandwich' combinations. They make excellent collectibles and are a great addition to any bag or backpack. Don't miss out on the opportunity to offer these delightful bags to your customers!