Largest Selection Of Wholesale Licensed Toys

Super Impulse is committed to innovative toys, novelties, and accessories for kids and the young at heart. We offer licensed and non-licensed products designed to elicit smiles. Our products are both classic and trend-forward, from toys that adults had as kids, to items that kids will remember as adults.

Wholesale Barbie Pens Assortment | 225
Wholesale Breakfast Monsters Mini Plush Blind Box Assortment | 561
Wholesale Original Wiz-z-zer | 420
Wholesale RBS Chiron | 601
Wholesale RBS Eos | 610
Wholesale RBS Hyperion | 602
Wholesale RBS Talos | 600
Wholesale Stretch Pokey | 351
Wholesale Tiny Arcade Dig Dug | 380
Wholesale Tiny Arcade Frogger | 379
Wholesale Tiny Arcade Galaga | 381
Wholesale Tiny Arcade Galaxian | 377