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New Wholesale Toys Featuring Silly Squeaks, So Bomb, and So Slime

Feb 15, 2018

Toy manufacturers never sleep – at least it seems like it, because they’re always in the process of coming up with new and exciting things to play with. This month, we’re introducing Silly Squeaks, So Bomb, and So Slime. These novelty toys will make a great addition to your toy or specialty store. Below, we’ll give you more information about these items and what makes them so desirable in a child’s eyes.

Silly Squeaks
Manufacturer Blip Toys has created a unique toy by combining music with a cute little animal. The Silly Squeaks are musical pets that sing songs and make interesting squeaky sounds. There are 8 different pets to collect, and each of them plays different music. For example, Boogie hums songs from cartoons whereas Whisker sings Latin music. Each of these silly pets has 5 unique short songs. On top of that, they can also make 16 different surprise sounds.

With these toys, kids are going to want to collect all 8 of them. That’s because when they’re lined up in the right order, they can imitate the sounds of a piano. But even with just a couple of these Silly Squeaks, kids can make their own music. Of course, these animal toys can also be played within any other type of game – which leaves plenty of room for the imagination.

The Silly Squeaks will be available March 18th, and you don’t want to miss out on stocking them, because they’re adorable and hard to resist. You can get a collection of 24 assorted varieties at License 2 Play.

So Bomb

Kids need to take baths to get clean, but they’re not always excited about this. Bubble bath makes it easier, but bath bombs are even better. If you want to combine crafts with bath time, you may want to look into letting kids create their own bath bombs. The new So Bomb kits from License 2 Play are already measured for the right ratio – so there’s no mess involved when you start creating them.

It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare a bath bomb. These come in all the colors of the rainbow and even include unique scents. You can also add a surprise in the bath bomb, such as a unique toy to find in the water. Bath time has never been more fun. At License 2 Play, you can find a bath bomb caddy to store the supplies. The So Bomb kits come in cases of 6, 12, and 24. You’ll be surprised how excited children will get about taking a bath once they have the option to create their own bath bombs.

So Slime

What’s more fun than playing with slime for a child? Making your own slime that’s colorful! Our So Slime kits come with everything you need to make gooey, fun slime. It includes the instructions to make different colors and styles, and it even has glitter. You don’t have to add anything to the kit except water. These kits don’t even require any glue. Just pour the powder pack into the cup with water and start shaking. The slime kits also include sticker sheets and surprise figurines.

These kits come in different package sizes. From 4 pieces to a collection of 24 pieces, you can have enough So Slime kits to let your customers choose which one they want. License 2 Play also has a Slime Factory that makes the process of creating metallic or neon-colored slime easier and more exciting.

Indoor Playtime

The month of February doesn’t have much to offer in the way of excitement, although it includes a candy-infused holiday. The weather isn’t usually great this time of year for playing outside. That’s why it’s so important to provide children with fun indoor activities that encourage them to play together and use their imagination. For example, crafts are a great option. The Silly Squeaks are also great to take along to a friend’s house.

If you can help parents keep their children entertained while they’re confined at home on cold and rainy weekends, you’re doing the entire family a great service. You can make February and March all about getting creative indoors – as long as you have the supplies available, parents will gladly purchase from you. And kits like So Slime and So Bomb are great because they include all the supplies you need without making a big mess in your home. Of course, kids also won’t be able to resist the adorable Silly Squeaks once they’re available in store.