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Dragons, Wizards and Wands, oh My!

Nov 01, 2017


Children have been fascinated by magic long before Harry Potter entered the stage. There is just something inherently interesting about wizards, fairies, dragons, and wands, because they defy our normal understanding of how things work. And who wouldn’t love to have magically powers to change the things that annoy them about their ordinary life?

Our Fascination with the Fantasy World

Even adults dream of living in a different world then the one they currently in habit. Therefore, it’s not surprising that children do the same thing. Wizards, fairies, and other magical creatures are fascinating for two reasons. One, they don’t really exist. Two, we wish they did. But the fact that fantasy creatures are not real doesn’t stop children from pretending they are and playing with magical toys. Whether we want to be a good fairy or an evil wizard, it’s fun to pretend to be all powerful. And now we have some products at License 2 Play that can feel truly magical to children. 

Bippity Boppity Boo 

There is some argument about what makes someone get magical powers. Is it just the magical wand and the words ‘bippity boppity boo’ that Cinderella’s fairy godmother spoke to turn her into a princess and the pumpkin into a magnificent carriage? Or does it have to do with the person itself? Could anyone get the fairy godmother’s wand and do magic? The sequel to Cinderella suggests they could have.

It’s no surprise that little girls love playing with fancy wands. It makes them feel magical and allows them to pretend to be a fairy or a friendly witch. At License 2 Play, we make magic even easier. You can order our magical wand that has a fairy living inside of it. The wand even comes with two vibrant LCD video screens that allow you to see the magic inside. It has over 16 different spells and allows for many hours of adventure. These include meeting magical creatures like unicorns and pixies. To see how the wand works, click the ‘view video’ link on the product page.

The Wonderful Wizard of the Tower

While fairies and magical wands may be just for girls, wizardry and a wizard tower are fascinating for boys, too. Whether kids have heard of Merlin or not, the ability to cast spells for good or bad is something everyone dreams about. How amazing it would be if one could learn to do magic. The next best thing is to pretend. 

We have a wholesale wizard tower assortment that only requires the press of a button to activate the magic inside. There are more than 40 animations displayed on a LCD screen. The tower opens, providing additional room to play with magical creatures you don’t want to meet after dark. The wizard tower works together with the wizard wand to make spells. You can even battle the wizard who lives inside the tower. But unlike the wonderful wizard of Oz, this one has some spells that work. 

Where Do Fairies Live?

Fairies are almost as fascinating as unicorns and dragons. Young children may even believe they exist, especially after watching TV shows that include these tiny creatures. You may even be able to capture a fairy with the use of our magical Pixie House. If, you can come close to having one, because the Pixie House is truly magical.

With the help of your wand, you can send your fairy to visit her Pixie friend. The Pixie House includes colorful lights and flying animations. Thanks to the LCD screen, you can see the magic that’s happening inside. The Pixie House will have kids playing fairies all day long.

See the Products in Action

Our dragons, wizards, and fairy collection includes videos to see the products in action. Just click on the ‘view video’ link on the bottom of each product page, and you can watch the toys being played with. These videos may even help spark your own fascination with wizards and fairies. 

Our magical collection is a wonderful mix of fantasy and technology, adding that little spark to imaginative play that makes it truly magical. A wand that sparkles and shines is just more impressive than an ordinary wand, especially when one is a magnificent wizard or a beautiful fairy. These toys are great for playing with friends, but they are also suitable for solitary play, because the live fairies and wizard make the game of magic seem real.