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How Your Toy Store Can Promote Family Fun on the Weekends

Mar 15, 2018


Your local toy or gift store fulfills many different functions. In addition to stocking the latest collection of toys your customers are looking for, you’ll also want to provide them with some value-added service. For example, your expertise is instrumental in helping them find the right toy for their needs or locate a specific toy they want to buy. Additionally, you can use your expertise to encourage families to have fun together, especially on the weekends.

Arts and crafts

Kids love being creative and making something with their own hands. While they are often fascinated by watching other people make something, they’d rather be in on the action. Arts and crafts projects allow children to improve their dexterity, get messy, and have some fun. Of course, parents don’t usually enjoy cleaning up the mess, which is why art kits are so popular. They allow the child to create something while keeping the mess somewhat contained. Here are some suggestions on products you can stock to encourage creativity without getting the house too dirty:

  • So Slime
  • Bath Bomb
  • Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker
  • Oonies
  • Unicorn Rainbow Swirl Maker

To promote the sale of these kinds of products, it helps if you group them in a display. When parents are looking for arts and crafts, they don’t necessarily have the time or patience to browse every aisle. Grouping the toys you have according to their use makes it easier to find the right product. It can also help you sell more, because parents are likely to buy more than one type of craft kit to keep their child entertained.

Get Active

Kids spend a lot of time in school, where they have to sit and pay attention for many hours a day. That’s why it’s important to encourage them to be active on the weekends. The trick is to make it fun. Few kids will jump at the chance to run around the yard to get some exercise in, but most of them will do it without being asked if you provide them with some outside toys, such as a ball, a Frisbee, or jump rope. You can also stock chalk and hula-hoops to encourage outdoor creativity and laughter.

Care for a Pet

Children love animals. Of course you’re not selling actual pets, but you can offer the next best thing: stuffed animals and animal toys. Most parents can get on board with pretend-play when it involves a toy that looks like a real animal. Besides, some of these animals are super cute, and even adults will want to play with them. Here are some ideas for pets you can stock:

  • Peppy Pets
  • Fingerlings
  • Little Live Pets

Playing with animals can provide hours of fun. Young children will want to brush them, pet them, take them for a walk, feed them, and put them to bed for a nap. You can make little beds with blankets and pillows, or even build a puppy home in your child’s room. The Peppy Pets even encourage your child to run around, because they keep up with them through a springing action of their feet.

Play a Game

Games have been around much longer than many modern versions of entertainment. That doesn’t mean the world of games hasn’t changed. However, parents will probably enjoy playing a game with their child more if they’re familiar with the game itself. So it makes sense to keep some classics in store that adults will recognize. Also, it’s fun to watch the kids when they try to figure out how a Rubik’s Cube is supposed to work. Here are a few suggestions for games you could stock at your shop:

  • World’s Smallest
  • Brick Mates Puzzle Sets
  • Fake News Card Game
  • Rubik’s Cube

The great thing about playing these games is that it gives parents the chance to instruct children who are most likely willing to listen and learn. Most kids love new toys, as long as they’re new to them. Adults will relish the chance to play some of their childhood favorites, especially if they have a real chance at winning occasionally.

When you’re trying to create memorable weekends, it’s important that everyone has fun. And that’s easy to do when you stock the right selection of toys. Naturally, kids will spend more time playing than the adults will, and that’s to be expected. But it’s nice to encourage some childhood memories where children and parents spend quality time together. And your store plays an important role in that.