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Top 8 Impulse Items To Carry Now

May 29, 2023

Attention retailers, have you been looking for an easy way to boost your revenue and sales? Well, with the weather getting warmer and spring in full swing, now is the best time to implement a plan to increase impulse sales of your products. That means ensuring you tempt your customers with all the highly desired products in your store - and making them the last things seen before checkout. Available at License 2 Play and ready for your store, here are the top eight impulse items to carry in your stores now!

  1. Garbage Pail Kids Mini Plush Blind Bag Assortment
    Have you heard the saying “small, but mighty”? Well, these toys put a new spin on that saying. The Garbage Pail Kids Mini Plushies are “Small but gross.” Making their first appearance in 1985, grossing kids and adults out since day one, license 2 play has now come out with one type of Garbage Pail Kid toy that has yet to be seen but has been desired by many. And that would be a Garbage Pail Kids Plushie - in mini form too! These twelve plushies come out to be about 3.5 inches tall and are randomly packed. You will never know what you will get when collecting them all - it can range between common and rare.

  2. Aphmau MeeMeows Mystery 6-Inch Plush Assortment
    Based on the #1 female-led YouTube gaming channel, Aphmau is known for her love of cats - and now her fans can collect their mini versions of her animated feline friends with the Aphmau MeeMeows 6-inch mystery plush assortment. Perfect for ages five and up, and with eight different MeeMows in the collection and 2 per blind pack “litter,” these super soft and adorable plushies are the purr-fect collectible items for all Aphmau fans. So, retailers, help all of the Aphmau fans out there collect all of the adorable Aphmau MeeMows 6-inc plushies - stock up your inventory while supply lasts.

  3. Little Live Pets Squirkies Fidget Pets
    New from the world of Little live pets, and now available at License 2 Play, comes Little Live Pets Squirkies Fidget Pets! Perfect for all ages and with 30+ characters, these fidget pets come from a world where everything clicks, flicks, tangles, and pops. These Squirkies uniquely come to life full of fun, with an interactive fidget experience not found in other toys. So, retailers, it is time to stock your shelves before it’s too late! These pets are so fun, and once your customers pick them up, they won’t be able to put them down - and they will be flying off your shelves in no time!

  4. Toxic Waste Slime Licker Plush Hangers Blind Bag
    Retailers! Toxic Waste Slime Lickers, the world’s sourest candies, is coming to your shelves as four new products - and it isn’t what you are thinking. Now available at License 2 Play is the Toxic Waste Slime Licker Plush Hangers! And though they look delicious, and despite the name, you should not eat or lick these plushies. Available as blind bag mini hangers, small plush, large plush, and Mr. Toxie head, this blind bag assortment comes in three different “flavors” - Blue Razz Slime Licker, Strawberry Slime Licker, Yellow Toxic Waster Barrel. Perfect for all ages, help your customers collect them by ensuring your inventory is stocked up before the supply runs out!

  5. Real Littles Shopkins Snackball
    Brought to you by Real Littles and now available at License 2 Play is the Real Little Shopkins Snackball! Retailers, it is time to fill up your inventory and stock your shelves. Anytime is snack time with the Shopkins Real Littles Snack Balls, and your customers will be looking to collect all of their favorite snacks in miniature form! Inside these adorable snack balls, you will find all the snack brands you love and so much more, made micro - and ready to be collected. It is time to discover new candy and sweets, delicious desserts, breakfast foods, savory snacks, frozen treats, drinks, and slushies inside each snack ball. Retailers stock up while supplies last.

  6. Magic Mixlings Collector Cauldron
    Retailers! It is time to bring some magic to your store and customers’ lives with the Magic Mixlings Collector Cauldron. Stock up your shelves because, with 40+ mixlings to discover and create, your customers will not be able to get enough of the cute new breed of Magic mixies that are waiting to be created! So, retailers, while supplies last, make sure you stock up.

  7. Cats vs. Pickles EXCLUSIVE 4-Inch Plush Mystery Bag
    Retailers, are you ready? Because a NEW golden wave of Cats vs. Pickles characters is here - and is exclusive to License 2 Play! These new Cats vs. Pickles plushies are crazy, colorful, super-fun, plush, and collectible toys - and your customers won’t be able to get enough! So, stock up your shelves and inventory with these exclusive Cats vs. Pickles 4-inch mystery plushies while supplies last!

  8. Squishville by Squishmallows Mystery Mini Plush
    Ok, retailers and customers alike, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with the Squishville Mystery Mini Plushies. These adorably cute and squishy assortments of Squishmallows feature all beloved and favorited Squishmallows plush characters. In the convenient miniature size of 2 to 3.5 inches tall, these plushies get even cuter with their included fashion accessories. Retailers, remember, your customers will be searching high and low for these Squishmallows Mystery Mini Plushies. So, make your you stock up while supplies last.

So retailers, if you are ready to tempt your customers with these top 8 impulse items, then it is time you contact License 2 Play and place your order while supply last.