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Top 5 Pokemon Toys of 2023

Apr 03, 2023

Retailers, if you are looking for the best Pokemon toys of 2023, then License 2 Play has everything that you need to help make sure that your customers, the old and the young, have everything that they need to start off on their own Pokemon adventures the right way.

  1. Pokemon 3.5 Inch Clip-On Plush Assortment
    Featuring authentic details and looking like they are ready to jump right out of the hit series Pokémon, it is time to discover the portable world of Pokémon with the Clip-On Plush assortment!

    From Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, to Evee, Bulbasaur, and the rest of the Pokemon gang, these 3.5-inch plush clip-ons are super soft and can be clipped anywhere - backpack, travel bag, keychain, and even your belt loop. Collect all Pokemon slip-on plush, and take them on all your adventures

  2. Pokemon™ 5 Inch Sleeping Plush Assortment
    If you have always wanted to take a nap with your own Pokemon, now you can choose to snooze with your pick of the most adorable Pokémon Sleeping Plush!

    Perfect for ages two and up and coming out to be about 5 inches, these adorable sleeping Pokemon plushies are splayed out in unique sleeping positions. They are made with super soft and unique materials, making them ready to cuddle and nap whenever you are! So, when it is time for a nap after a long day of adventures, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Pokemon™ 8 Inch Plush Assortment
    With six fan-favorite Pokemon to choose from, you couldn’t ask for the softest, cuddliest, and cutest Pokemon than this Pokemon 8-inch plush assortment. Feature embroidered detailed with fluffy filling, these 8-inch Pokemon Plushies are perfect for cuddling, snuggling, or just hanging out watching tv.

  4. Pokemon™ Battle Figures Pack Assortment
    If you are ready to unleash the power of the Pokemon world, then you need these small but mighty two and 3-inch figure packs. With authentic details and dynamic action poses, each Pokemon is prepared for all the awesome adventures and battles ahead. So catch em’ all, and build your very own dream Pokemon team!

  5. Pokemon™ Clip 'N' Go Assortment
    When it is time to go on your own Pokemon adventures, you will need the Pokemon Clip ‘N’ Go Assortment. Each clip ‘n’ go Pokemon ball set will include one Pokemon ball and a 2-inch Pokemon figure. All you need to do is clip your Pokemon ball to your bag or belt, and off you go on your adventure. When you are ready for a battle, unlatch and release the Pokemon inside.

Retailers, if you are ready to stock up your shelves with everything your customers need to build their own Pokemon dream, License-2-Play has everything that you need - and that your customers want. Once on the shelves, these products will be flying off the shelves in no time! For more information on all the products that we have to offer, visit our website