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The Squishiest Wholesale Toys Around are Here!

Feb 01, 2021

License to play has the squishiest, slimiest, and sandiest toys around! Find out which toys made the list, including one TOTY finalist two years in a row. Best of all, these items are mom approved for super quick clean up!

Heroes of Good Jit Zu
A finalist in the 2020 and 2021 Toy of the Year (TOTY) awards, the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu series based on popular cartoon characters has more than earned its place on every toy store shelf! Now, License 2 Play is offering all your favorite Marvel and DC Comic versions of this popular toy with the same shape-shifting, stretchy, and squeezable magic of the originals in their Heroes of Good Jit Zu figurine series. Wondering which one has the best powers? With this set, they can battle in winding and stretchy forms up to 3x their original size to once and for all determine who truly is the top superhero in the galaxy!  

Goo Goo Galaxy
Another toy that is no stranger to the shortlist of the goopiest dolls around is the squishy line of character replicas from the hit cartoon “Goo Goo Galaxy”.  With glitter packs added to the included slime, this doll spits out and stores sparkly slime for endless play fun! Shoppers can collect all 20 adorable characters. Plus,  this series is perfect for party favors!

Slimelicious DIY Factory Kit
Speaking of slime and party favors, kids can make their own so slime gifts with our Slimelicious DIY Factory Kit! Sweet scents that remind you of tasty treats like popcorn, bubble gum, and grape soda bring this slime to a whole new level. Add glitter packets and other decorations with your colorant to craft the slime of your dreams!

Slime That Helps to Kill Germs?
That's right! No germs are going to wreck this play session. Ideal for People of all ages, our Antibacterial Slime both helps to protect users from contracting viral illnesses and makes cleaning your hands something to get excited about! This is one item no household, school, or backpack should be without. Set these slime containers on your countertops or endcaps to watch them sell fast!

So Sand 
Consumers know there is something so satisfying about our So Sand DIY kit that can be molded, sliced into small pieces, put back together, and crushed again and again.  this product never goes out of style! Is it the sound, the texture, or the unlimited molding potential that makes everyone love this product? Whatever it is, when the weather heats up and children begin playing outside more, this item becomes one of the hottest-selling DIY kits available!

Like the idea of Heroes of Goo Jit Zu in a plush toy? Our specially designed MushMeez molding clay dolls are poseable and always up for an adventure. As a bonus, these eye-catching characters come in three handy sizes in case kids need a friend to tag along on their backpacks at school or a larger friend to hug at night. Whether your shoppers like to squish, mash, stretch or cuddle, these plush toys are ready for nearly any style of play any time of the day!

Squeezamals & Squishville Plush Toys 
If it's plush dolls they’re after, consumers will go crazy over our super-soft foam Squeezamals and Squishville plush toys. Colorful, irresistibly cute, and an ideal stress toy to boot! Squishville dolls feel like they are stuffed with marshmallows, and each includes its own fashionable outfit fans to squeeze into. Squeezamals come in a variety of characters, including some that resemble desserts! There's nothing like Squeezamals and Squishville plush toys anywhere!

Pikmi Pops
Like the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu and Goo Goo Galaxy, our Pikmi Pops are based on a beloved cartoon series, but they have a different type of surprise in store for their owners. These huggable plushies are reversible to resemble fruit! But don't try to eat them! Upon closer inspection, these Pikmi Pops spring to their natural furry creature form that begs to be picked up and carried around the home or while out-and-about. Be sure to tell consumers to stay on the lookout for Natsu the Ultra Rare Narwhal!

Where can I Find Such Squeeze-Worthy Toys?
All of these top-selling toys and so much more can be found on our easy-to-navigate website at License 2 Play. Psst...did we mention registration only takes two easy steps? Simply fill out our registration form online, and upload or send us your Sale Tax Resale Certificate. While on our website, don't forget to look for our newest additions. Everything you need to create the best toy store in town can be found at License 2 Play! We can’t wait to hear from you!