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The Perfect Backpack Clip On Friends

Aug 09, 2019

Parents love the learning benefits, social development skills, and healthy entertainment that come from kids playing with toys. But, what about when families are not at home or kids go back to school? There are some occasions when the perfect clip-on friends are able to generate smiles even when on-the-go. These little collectible characters can tag along on backpacks, handbags, bike baskets, belt loops and more!

There are toys that ignite laughter, spark ideas or encourage interactive play. While they certainly could fit into all these categories, MushMeez are toys that work particularly well to console a child when scared, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or overly tired. By hugging a plush toy, children can focus their attention on their squishy friends who are always there to support them.

Sold in an assortment pack, these brightly colored squishable friends are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves both glitter and stuffed animals! A wide variety of rainbow-colored animals are available to choose from or kids can collect them all. With the ideal balance of a little shiny and a lot cute, the MushMeez are huggable squeeze-worthy take-along toys for every activity. 

Not enough pizazz and glitter? The assortment pack of the Shimeez collection may be exactly the right amount. Each plush toy comes with loads of flippable two-sided sequins. Kids will have a blast writing their names and drawing with their fingers while still being able to squeeze the toy for comfort. Imagine all the possibilities! Now, kids don't have to choose between an activity and a stuffed animal to bring when out of the house. They can have both in the same clip-on sized friend who is always ready for an adventure! What a great toy to take to doctor's offices, school, running errands, or on both local and long-distance trips. 

Looking for more animation? The Fingerlings are beloved for their ability to simulate a live pet! Although small enough to clip onto a backpack, this version of these popular friends are more than tagalongs. They close their eyes to sleep and open them again when it is time to play just like a real pet! Their long arms hold on for a nice calming hug. Poseable tails enable them to swing from lots of interesting places. Place them on end caps or hang them on shelves near the register to watch the wide-eyed excitement take place as children become entranced by these amazing toys. Four colors make it easy to play in a group setting. Be sure to keep all four colors in stock because it’s hard to buy one without coming back for more!

Hatchimals Glittering Garden Mystery Minis
Found hidden in the Glittering Garden of Hatchtopia, these Mystery Minis are eggs that children open to find a surprise clip-on sized Hatchimal! Around the globe, these beloved characters are watched on YouTube, and waiting lists have often been created as children await their very own egg arrival. Now, the Glittering Garden has produced clippable characters so their proud caretakers can introduce them to new people and sights as they travel about. There are ten possible soft hug-worthy friends waiting to be purchased and adopted into their forever homes. But, which one is inside the selected egg? There is no way to tell until the day it opens on hatch day when the soft furry head begins to appear. Great for party favors and Hatchimal collectors alike, we offer fair warning these Hatchimal Mystery Minis are often bought in groups and may not last on the shelves! 

Kawaii Cube Heads
Not everyone wants a plush toy to take places. Sometimes it’s cool to have backpack bling like the Kawaii Cube Heads that are still collectible yet not so fluffy. These Cube Heads come in a variety of characters and are the right size for avoiding too much attention at school while still having a friend present to make kids smile. Plus, these characters are parent-approved because they are a breeze to wash off!

With clip-on friends, kids never have to be alone. From the huggable to easily washable, these tiny toys can follow kids wherever life takes them. Plus, parents will not worry about their children's travel toys getting lost throughout their travels because they can hang securely on most backpacks or purses. If there is a perfect toy for a hectic jam-packed schedule, it just might be a clip-on friend like one of the above. All five examples offer a touch of wonder and help add some joy to a child's day.