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Start Planning Your Retail Holiday Strategy

Nov 09, 2022

With the winter months here, and the holidays approaching quicker and quicker every day, there is one question all retailers need to be asking themselves. What is your plan for your retail holiday strategy?

  1. Why do retailers need a holiday retail strategy?
    Every retail business needs to have a holiday strategy. It will ensure that there is little stress for your business and employees. Developing your strategy early enough in the season will benefit you greatly in many ways. You can plan your inventory, prepare your e-commerce site, and create attention-grabbing experiences (both online and in-store). To help you plan your retail holiday strategy, here are five tips.

  2. Product Highlights
    One of the best things you can do for your company when preparing your holiday retail strategy is to highlight your products. For best sellers, new arrivals, and seasonal products, you want to make sure that you inform your customers of all the latest and fabulous things you have to offer! 

    For in-store product highlights, make posters, signs, and anything that will draw the eye and attention of your customers. You want to do the same for your website and online store (but slightly differently). You can take the promotional material you made (posters, signs, flyers) and upload them to your website and social media accounts.

  3. Shop Layout Design (Online & In-store) 
    Like most people, when you walk into a store, you have that urge to wander around and look at everything (even if you have a list - the desire is there). So, when planning for your retail holiday strategy, your shop's layout and design are equally as important as what products you have in stock.

    You won't need to change every section when you design your in-store layout for the holiday season. Instead, you will need to consider what time of year it is and what your customers will need (or want). Then, putting those items front and center will make it easier to find and make the chances of them being purchased much more likely. 

    For your online store, it is essential to make sure that you advertise the holiday and what your best products are. But it is also important to ensure your site is user-friendly. You can do this by linking your products and pages to other relevant information on your site. 

  4. Seasonal Promotions
    Does your store offer holiday promotions? Promotions such as sales, coupons, giveaways, and raffles will incentivize your customers to visit you in-store and online. With seasonal promotions, you can attract new customers while giving your existing customers something to be excited about and encouraging product sales.

  5. Offer Gift-Wrapping Options
    With the holiday season here, the clock is ticking on the present-buying and gift-wrapping process. And if there is one thing everyone can agree on, gift wrapping is great! But it is a pain in the butt to do. 

    As a retailer, one thing you can do for your business (and your customers) this holiday season is to offer gift-wrapping services. If you do not have gift-wrapping services, it is as easy as partnering up with a local school, church, or not-for-profit organization. Not only will this help grow and solidify your customer base. But, you would also be helping your community by providing a much-needed service - and there is nothing better during the holiday season than to help others.

  6. Keep-Up-To-Date with Sales Trends
    With the market being fast pace, constantly moving, and changing, you must keep up to date on all the current sales trends. Helping to make planning your next steps in your retail holiday plan much easier. Not only will you be able to identify and predict emerging patterns, but you will also be able to stay one step ahead of your competitors at every turn.