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Recap of Toy Fair 2018

Mar 21, 2018


Last month, License 2 Play attended the Toy Fair 2018 – an international trade show hosted in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. From February 17th through 20th, attendees were able to browse the latest and greatest of entertainment products for kids of all ages. It turns out that you don’t have to be a child to have a lot of fun looking at and playing with toys. Many new and exciting products were revealed, and our team also had fun showing off our impressive collection.

New Reveals

The Toy Fair is not just the time to show off our new toys, but it’s also an opportunity to learn what’s going on in the toy industry. For example, Hasbro is partnering with Saban’s Power Rangers. Starting in 2019, Hasbro will be the master licensee of the Power Rangers. Consequently, you can expect to see a variety of new toys from this manufacturer.

LEGO had newsworthy announcements to make, too. For example, Harry Potter makes a comeback with the Hogwarts Great Hall set along with a few other exciting sets that are due to be released in August. There will also be new dinosaurs coming to the Jurassic World in LEGO’s Fallen Kingdom collection. Other popular attractions were slime, unicorns, go-carts, unicorns, dinosaurs, and famous attendees like Jeff Foxworthy.

But the Toy Fair wasn’t all fun and games. Since the release of the movie “It” based on Stephen King’s novel, there are also slightly scarier toys available. There are a wave of Pop! action figures available from the new horror film, brought by manufacturer Funko. All in all, the Toy Fair has toys and games for children of all ages – and the adults may be the ones who have the most fun with these toys.

License 2 Play Booth

Of course, License 2 Play was also present for the Toy Fair. We had fun at this 115th annual event. Our booth #2457 was lively and popular. We presented many of our best-selling items including new collections. There was a big display of Minions, Pikmi Pops, So Bomb, and So Slime. We also brought Fingerlings with us, which were the most popular toy of the year and continue to make the list of popular toys in stores all over the country.

We also brought Squishamals, which are adorable stuffed animals that are super squishy as their name implies. You can squeeze them down and watch them form back to life. The Grossery Gang also made a debut on our display. These rather gross supermarket characters are alive long past their expiration date, but there’s something about them that makes kids want to collect them and play with them.

Cutie Cars and Happy Places are vehicles and locations for our giant Shopkin collection. Shopkins are still going strong, and we continue to release the newest collector items for our youngest customers. Little Live Pets also came along for the ride, because there is hardly a kid who wouldn’t love these cute live-like animals that make noises and move just like a real pet. They range from eggs that have yet to hatch to include birds, bunnies, kittens, and cute puppies.

For very young children, Peppy Pets are even more popular. These animals are entirely kid-powered. No batteries are necessary, yet they spring into action when their two-legged owners start running. It’s a joy to watch little ones interact with these adorable plush animals, because they’re great for cuddling and playing all day long.

For those who’d rather make their own pet, we have creative toys like Oonies. Oonies allow you to make a variety of fun balloon creations. These keep kids entertained for hours without making a giant mess. Oonies are also great for party get-togethers. And we also had different games available to try, including X-Cube and flipslide – both inspired by the original Rubix Cube.

Our Commitment to Our Retailers

Our displayed collection included many more things – too much to list. In short, we love toys, and so do our customers. At License 2 Play, we are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest toys to stock in your toy or gift store. The Toy Fair in New York gave us the opportunity to meet with new retailers and showcase our selection to a wider audience. But you didn’t have to attend the Toy Fair to become a customer with us. Click here to register to become a retailer with us, so you can have access to the popular toys as soon as they’re available.