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Puzzle Loving Toys

Jun 22, 2019

Do your customers love to solve puzzles? Are the parents in your store looking for a challenging problem-solving toy or thought-provoking game? If it is a higher degree of skill they seek, take a peek at our top picks for the best puzzle toys.

X Cube and X2
If you lived in America in the '80s, chances are high you owned a Rubik's Cube. This puzzle still remains one of the most difficult to solve of all time with only 6% of the world's population reportedly able to get the same color onto all four sides without peeling off the stickers and replacing them. Yes, we know all about that! If you are one of the lucky smart ones who can legitimately solve it, can you break the world record of solving it in less than 5.55 seconds? Wow, that is crazy fast!

Another fun fact, the Rubik's Cube has X Cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible permutations or mathematical sequences while the X Cube has 594,469,003,618,866,131,911,871,299,584,000,000,000. That just means the X Cube a significantly harder variation of the original product. Did we mention it is a shape-shifting puzzle as well? Oh yes, all those problem solvers in your store will have a blast trying to figure this one out! Just in case they get close, though, there is an extra layer on each face of X2 puzzle. That is what makes these two toys genius-level hard!

Would you like a return to the classics sometimes? We are with you! Introducing the World's Coolest Rubik's Cube, which is a smaller Rubik's Cube you can carry with you wherever you go. It comes in a clear case attached to a keychain making it ideal to keep problem-solving children happy while running errands or traveling.

Not tiny enough? What about the World's Smallest Rubik's Cube? Every checkout counter should be equipped with these portable puzzles that are the right size for backpacks or purses.

World's Smallest Perplexus
While we are talking about ideal checkout counter fidget-buster items, the World's Smallest Perplexus is a clear sphere containing a 3-D labyrinth of turns, tight ropes, swinging arms, super spirals and more. In an exact replica of the original popular puzzle, the goal is to move a tiny silver ball through the maze while twisting and rotating at just the right angles. It sounds a lot less challenging than it actually is, which is why people have a hard time putting it down after they pick it up!

Not all of us who enjoy a good puzzle now and then are trying to solve the world's toughest problems. Sometimes, a basic jigsaw puzzle is in order. Alright, maybe one not quite as simple as we recall from our youth because Jigpix can map your customer's face using a phone camera and a downloaded app. Super cool, right?

You can change the image design with the app as many times as you like as the 844 pieces in your box will be reassigned to match the image in the photo. It also comes with four preset animal photos to put together for those who are camera shy. If you ever thought about how cool it would be to make a puzzle out of your favorite pet's photo, now is your chance. This would be a great way for store owners and employees to post their photos. Jigpix takes jigsaw puzzles in a much more personalized and ever-changing direction for added fun for all ages.

This one is for children ages four and up who are in the early stages of problem-solving. Puzoodles are also like jigsaw puzzles in that they are made up of a manageable 25 pieces that fit together. However, instead of an image, these pieces are in 3-D shapes to construct mismatched animal characters the child can then use for continued creative play. With eight different characters, customers can collect them all!

As you can surely see, we offer a wide variety of puzzles for your problem-solving clientele of all ages. Place them at the counters and end caps for road trips or good behavior rewards or display them on the shelves in a section designed for customers who would like to improve their short-term memory, sorting, fine-motor skills or sheer perseverance in the face of a challenge. In addition to the entertainment factor, there are so many benefits of working with puzzles. It is likely these items will be purchased by parents and families for many years to come!