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Product Spotlight: Fingerlings Untamed

May 25, 2018

Given the success of the Fingerlings, which were named Toy of the Year, it’s no surprise that the manufacturer WowWee is ready with another surprise. The Fingerlings are back, but this time it’s up to you to tame them. The new Untamed Collection includes four ferocious velociraptors. Just like the monkeys and other cute characters, these Fingerlings hold onto your finger, but they’re not always in a friendly mood.

How They Work

The raptors are interactive toys just like the rest of the Fingerlings collection. They have over 40 different sounds and movements, turning them into friends that can be rather life-like. Unlike the friendly monkeys, these dinosaurs aren’t properly tamed yet. If they consider you your friend, they’ll purr and nuzzle up into your hand. The problem is that they’re ferocious predators at heart, and they aren’t quite as friendly to their foes. Fortunately, it’s your decision how friendly they will be at any given moment. The Untamed collection includes four different dinosaurs. You can get the one you like best or collect them all to have more raptor fun.

The raptors react to touch and hand motions. There are many different ways to play with them. You can even hang them upside down from their tails, although they may snap at you if they consider you a foe. Kids can pit the raptors against each other or use them to scare their friends. Thanks to the animated design of these toys, there are an endless number of ways to play with them, making this a toy that children won’t tire of easily.

Meet the Untamed Raptors

The collection includes four different dinosaurs, which have a unique appearance and come with a name and a personality. Razor is the purple raptor with green on top of his head and tail. He gets his name from his teeth and the fact that he prefers his foot to be sliced. When he’s not in a good mood, you better watch out, because he can be scary. His friend Blaze is mostly orange and yellow, but you can see by the red in his eyes that his temper is something to watch out for.

The third member of the group is Stealth. With his mostly green colorings, it can be difficult to see him in the underbrush. True to his name, he prefers to stalk his prey when they’re least suspecting an ambush. Last but not least, there’s fury. His speed is his greatest asset, but when he gets furious, he’s also as just as intimidating as his friends.

Ferocious Fingerlings

The original Fingerlings became a bestselling toy because of their interactive features. However, unlike the original collection, the dinosaurs are not cute and cuddly at all. Instead, you can expect them to snap their jaws and grip you with their claws along with making fearful roaring and hissing sounds. They also chomp. When the dinos are in a good mood, you may hear them coo, hum, and even purr.

In a way, the Untamed collection is the complete opposite of the original Fingerlings. Since they’re dinosaurs, they’ll appear to kids of all ages and sizes just the way these age-old creatures have fascinated mankind from the beginning of days. The Untamed Fingerlings are sure to be a hit since a toy like this has never existed before.

When to Order

The Untamed Fingerlings are available for order right now from the License 2 Play website. They were released at the beginning of the month. Given the popularity of the original Fingerlings, you can expect these raptors to become very popular with the kids. Dinosaur toys never go out of style, especially not when they are a live as much as these ones. To ensure your customers find the ones they want, it’s best to stock all four – some people will certainly want to collect them all.

How to Sell Fingerlings

When it comes to the toys in the Fingerlings collection, you really don’t have to do much to sell these. In fact, many people will come to your store and ask for the latest addition to the collection. It’s a good idea to announce your new arrivals in your own newsletter, on your website, and on your social media pages. You may also want to let customers about your latest products as they walk into your store. It could even be useful to designate a section of your story to the newest or most popular products and even have some out for demonstration purposes.