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Product Spotlight: Fingerlings Keep Coming Back for More

Apr 24, 2018

 The Fingerlings baby monkeys have taken the world by storm. Fingerlings have been widely recognized as one of the best toys on the market for kids. They were named toy of the year in 2017 and for good reasons. These little creatures are adorable and hold on to your finger. They love being held and talked to and respond with noises and animations to share how they feel. Even if you have collected all the monkeys, you don’t have to stop, because the Fingerlings are back with a new collection of toys.

Sloths and Unicorns

It’s hard to say no to a cute little monkey, but you’ll love the unicorn and sloth collection even more. They are available for sale in the spring of 2018. There are two unicorns to choose from, both in rainbow packaging. The pink unicorn is named Gemma. It loves holding on to your finger much like the monkeys. The purple unicorn is called Alika. It is as animated as the other Fingerlings with different sounds and movements. Both unicorns have rainbow-colored tails and manes and an adorable yellow horn.

If life is going at a slower pace for you, you may appreciate the addition of sloths to the Fingerlings collection. The sloths Kingsley and Marge are wide-awake for the moment and love to be touched and talked to. They make more than 40 different sounds. Kingsley is mostly brown with some lighter coloring in his face and on his belly whereas Marge is purple. Both sloths have an adorable little hairdo that makes these Fingerlings stand out from the rest.

Fingerlings Plush Toys

If you can’t get enough of the Fingerlings, you’ll be excited to hear that they’re now available as plush toys. These cute and cuddly creatures can clip on to your key chain, purse, or backpack and go everywhere you go. They have gripping arms, and their eyes can open and close. Additionally, the tail can be moved and used much like its other appendages. The collection of clip-on Fingerlings Plush includes a variety of these colorful monkeys.

The other Fingerlings will also be available as plush. Starting in July, you can order wholesale Fingerlings plush unicorns and sloths. At License 2 Play, we’ll offer an assortment of 12-piece counter displays. The same size plush animals are already available for the monkeys. These plush animals are about 10 inches tall and make a unique cash register display case – it’s almost impossible not to buy them. The great thing about these plush animals is that they still make some sounds although they’re not as animated as the original collection. Of course, they’re just as cute as and a little cuddlier than the animated version.

Exclusive Glitter Monkey

Your customers may not want to have the same Fingerlings toy as everyone else. That’s why we also offer Fingerlings Liberty. This specialty exclusive glitter monkey has unique colorings. With blue-glittery legs and white arms, the predominantly red-colored monkey really stands out from the crowd. It has a cute white tuft of hair that matches the color of its arms. This monkey makes the same types of sounds and animations as the other monkeys. He’s just attached to your finger as his friends, but his unique appearance makes him quite unlike the others.

Coming Soon: Fingerlings Untamed Velociraptors

The Fingerlings monkeys are cute and docile creatures, but not everyone likes tame pets. Starting in May, you can order the Wholesale Fingerlings Untamed Assortment. These Fingerlings are fierce velociraptors. They hold onto your finger much like the monkeys, but they don’t always like to get petted.

The velociraptors have two different modes. In tame mode, they’re your friend and enjoy being near you. They nuzzle into your finger and even purr when you pet them. However, when they’re in untamed mode, these creatures resemble the fierce dinosaurs they are. They’ll roar, hiss, and chomp – scaring any other Fingerlings on your hand.

The Fingerlings Untamed collection is available in different colors. There is Blaze, a dinosaur who is mostly orange and yellow. Stealth is green and ready to hide in the surroundings, whereas Fury is blue and not trying to blend in. Razor has purple body coloring and some green on his head. All four of these velociraptors are scary when they think you’re a foe, but if you tame them, they’ll be your best friend forever or until they feel a little ferocious again.