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Product Spotlight: Wholesale Pikmi Pops Surprise Series 2

Feb 23, 2018


If there’s one thing that parents usually don’t like to buy for their children, it’s a lollipop. But Pikmi Pops are different. While they look like a lollipop, they don’t include anything that might cause tooth decay. Instead, they’re filled with fun toys that keep children occupied for hours. On March 1st, Pikmi Pops is coming out with series 2.

Meet the Pikmi Pops

Pikmi Pops are giant plastic lollipops that include several different surprises. Every large Pikmi Pop includes two scented plushies, four surprise items, and a collector’s guide. Each surprise pop also comes with surprise messages and dangler strings to allow you to play with the plushies. Surprise items vary, but they may include stickers, nail decals, key charms, and erasers. Season 1 included 49 unique characters, but season 2 has 63 of them. Out of these 63, 24 are common and will be easier to find.

Unique Plushies with Character

Each of the plushies is a uniquely designed character. They have names, and they come with a quick description of their characters. They even have favorite treats. For example, Chomp the Lion doesn’t act like the king of a jungle with the other Pikmi Pops. Instead, his favorite thing to do is lying around in the shade and eating fruit salad subs. Chomp isn’t fierce at all, and just like the other Pikmi Pops, he really wants to be your friend.

The series 2 collection includes some uniquely adorable characters. For example, there’s Tubble the goat who loves cotton candy and dancing, even though she doesn’t look the most coordinated creature you’ve ever met. The set also includes Niblet, who is a Choc Mint Champion hamster. This plushie loves carrots dipped in chocolate, but don’t underestimate him. He’s the fastest hamster on the hamster wheel around.

Rare and Limited Editions

The Pikmi Pop characters include a variety of rare and limited editions, too. For example, there is a colorful unicorn named Fancy who loves to eat rainbow cake and enjoys riding on the rainbow. Fancy is one of the 3 limited edition Pikmi Pops. There are also 12 rare collectibles. One of them is Moni, a uniquely colored elephant who loves playing memory games and eating raspberries. Maybe that’s why her ears are a bright pink color.

Series 2 also has 6 ultra-rare Pikmi Pops you can collect. A donkey named Dainty is part of this collection. He loves to eat hay enchiladas and give donkey dance lessons. Maybe he was the one who taught Tubble the goat how to dance. Finally, there is the super set collection that includes 6 sparkly plushies. Zeni the Zebra is one of them. This zebra is a stylish trendsetter and eats Pikmi popsicles.

Wholesale Pikmi Pop Surprise Packs

At License 2 Play, you can purchase the Pikmi Pops series 2 as a wholesale pack. We have single packs available in an 18-piece counter display. This is a perfect addition to your cash register. We also offer the Pikmi Pops large pack that includes two plushies and a selection of surprise toys. The large pack is also available in a 6-piece counter display.

Every Pikmi Pop Is a Surprise

Pikmi Pops make great collectibles. What’s even better about this toy is that every Pikmi Pop comes as a surprise. You can’t tell by the packaging which of these cute plushies you’ll receive. While it’s possible to receive duplicates this way, kids love trading these kinds of toys with one another. It also makes it easier for retailers to stock these toys, because customers won’t rummage through them trying to find something specific. After all, every Pikmi Pop is a fun surprise.

Every Pikmi Pop also includes a collector’s guide. This helps you figure out which ones you have and which ones you might want to trade for. It also gives you information about each of the characters, which can inspire kids with new ideas on how to play with them.

Who Are Pikmi Pops For?

It’s hard to resist these adorable plushies. Not only are they cute, but they also come with tiny surprises and messages that makes playing with them so much fun. Due to small parts, these toys aren’t suitable for children under the age of 3. However, anyone else can have Pikmi Pops. These may be the only lollipops even the dentist would approve of. And with new Pikmi Pops series available soon, you can’t miss out on stocking these toys for your customers.