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New Wholesale Toys: Shimmeez, Tiny Hands & Untamed Fingerlings

May 15, 2018

We’re committed to stocking the newest and coolest toys for our retailers. At License 2 Play, we go out of our way to make sure you know which brands will be popular. This month, we’re sharing three newcomers to our wholesale toy collection: Shimmeez, Tiny Hands, and Untamed Fingerlings. Shimmeez are glittery, cuddly friends every kid will want. With the Tiny Hands game, your next party becomes even more fun, and Untamed Fingerlings keep you on your toes by being tame one moment and ferocious the next.


Plush toys are always in style, and you can’t go wrong with glitter and sequins. At License 2 Play, we have combined the two into the coolest plush toy you’ll find. Shimmeez are glittery and shimmery creatures that are ready to cuddle with you. But these are not ordinary plush toys. Each of them comes with two-tone sequins. By brushing your hand over the toy, you can change the color of the sequins on them.

Kids can get really creative by transforming their Shimmeez as they please. You can switch the entire character to a different color or make designs by brushing designs onto the character. Your Shimmeez may turn from glittery purple to gold or silver to shiny pink. You can watch a Shimmeez video to see this toy in action.

Shimmeez are available in a variety of animal characters. You can purchase an assortment of wholesale Shimeez in medium or large size from License 2 Play. Shimmeez are also available with a clip to attach to your keychain or backpack. These cute Shimmeez Clip-Ons can be purchased in a container of 27 pieces. All Shimmeez sets will be available June 25, 2018, directly from our website.

Tiny Hands

If you’re looking for the next exciting party game, you should give Tiny Hands a try. Retailers can order this game directly from our website starting June 25, 2018. The Tiny Hands game is a fun team challenge for small and large groups at your party. It is fun for kids of all ages, including adults.

Tiny Games presents each player with a fun challenge. For example, you may be asked to catch a ball or serve someone a drink. If you think that’s easy for anyone, you probably don’t know that there is a twist. You must complete the challenge using the tiny hands you’re giving with the game. Tiny Games comes with a pair of Tiny Hands and a pair of even Tinier Hands. Before you set out to complete your task, you must put on the Tiny Hands or Tinier Hands, and the rest of the party will have a hard time not laughing at your attempts to get it done.

Have you ever wondered why it’s difficult for a toddler to pour a glass of milk or stack blocks? They don’t have the same hand-eye coordination that grownups have, but they also have tiny hands to do it with. In this game, kids and grownups can enjoy the challenge and have a lot of fun in the process. It’s nothing short of hilarious!

Untamed Fingerlings

After the huge success of the cute monkey Fingerlings, the manufacturer has created an entirely new collection. The Untamed Fingerlings grip your fingers in the same way the monkeys did. But instead of a cute furry friend, you’re dealing with a potential vicious velociraptor.

The Untamed Fingerlings are unpredictable. These velociraptors can be sweet and purr like the kitty next door. They’ll nuzzle into your hand and become your best friend. However, if you meet them in untamed mode, they’ll roar and chomp, snap their jaws, and grip hard with their claws. Altogether, these velociraptors come with more than 40 different sounds and animations.

These untamed dinosaurs come in four different colors, ranging from blazing orange to stealthy green. These creatures have fear-inducing names, including Razor and Fury, and you probably don’t want to meet them after dark. The unique appeal of the Untamed Fingerlings – much like the original Fingerlings collection – is the unpredictability of their movements. These fierce dinosaurs surprise even their owners, which keeps kids entertained. You can pick out the one you like best or collect all four!

Shimmeez, Tiny Hands, and Untamed Fingerlings make up a part of our large wholesale toy selection at License 2 Play. We stay innovative by bringing you our own brand of unique, new toys and stocking the most popular toys in the country at the same time. Become a wholesaler today to take advantage of our offerings!