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Gear Up for a Kid-friendly Halloween With These Favorites

Sep 30, 2022

As October rolls in, stores all over stock up on costumes, candy, and decorations for Halloween. Stock up on these favorites for a kid-friendly Halloween. Costumes are fun, but as a toy retail shop, you can provide real fun for the party. Here are some ideas to market for party favors or to hand out to trick-or-treaters!

  1. Slime has been in vogue for years and still doesn’t lose momentum. And what better toy is there for Halloween than an oozy pile of slime? Children of all ages love the stuff. Get some DIY kits for kids to make their own custom slime or stock up on themed favorites, such as the Jurassic World Slime Egg. The “ew” factor will be there in a way kids absolutely love.

  2. And what could be better than Slime? Sour slime candy! It’s sour and sweet, and each container comes with its own little spoon under the lid. This candy will set kids’ imaginations going with its fun texture. Kids will be thrilled to find something novel and spooky in their trick-or-treat candy this year!

  3. Need a Halloween party activity? Try our DIY Lava Slime Kit. This DIY kit allows kids to make their own lava lamps with regular and glow-in-the-dark slime! It’s the perfect combination for kids to be creative and set the spooky lighting.

  4. Sour Pacifier candy. Kids love candy that looks like anything but candy. And this one looks exactly how it sounds. It comes in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Pink Lemonade flavors, and is an all-time best seller! Sour candy fans will love this one, especially as a break from all the sweet Halloween candy bars.

  5. Twisted Lips Pops. This candy will lend a slight sense of the uncanny to Halloween in a way kids will find funny and entertaining. They come in various expressions, which can be a fun, temporary addition to a costume. Or can lend themselves to kids’ pranks and jokes. They’re great for collecting ridiculous selfies for kids to remember their Halloween by.

  6. Glow-in-the-dark Kits. From Let’s Glow Studio comes a collection of reflective stickers and accessories for kids to add to their costumes. Choose from the Hair Pack, which comes with a customizable headband, the Gloves Pack, which includes a pair of reflective gloves and glow-in-the-dark accessories, and the Sticker Pack, which includes reflective sticker sheets, stencils, nail stickers, and reflective tape. Any of these packs will allow kids to personalize their costumes just as they like!

  7. Add some tiny toys to your trick-or-treat bin along with candy or get them for Halloween party favors. We have a variety of tiny toys, including the World’s Smallest Rubik’s cubes, Care Bear plushies, Lincoln Logs, Etch-a-Sketches, Stretch Armstrongs, and more! Kids will love how portable they are!

  8. And of course, no Halloween is complete without some monsters. Stock up on our Mego Monster Action Figures. They’re posable and fun to use as decor or to play with. We have Frankenstein’s Monster, the Reptile, the Mole, and more!

Halloween has become a massive holiday, almost equal to Christmas, when it comes to shopping and preparations. People start thinking about Halloween as soon as the summer heat starts to fade. Make sure you’re stocked and ready to go for it when your customers are!