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Pure Clean Fun with Wholesale DIY Bath Bombs

Apr 08, 2018


When you’re looking for new products to stock your shelves with, you’re probably interested in getting the latest toys. While they definitely deserve a spot in your store and we offer the most popular wholesale toys for you to browse through, you might also want to stock some unusual toys. We’d like to introduce you to our DIY bath bombs. If there’s one thing that kids like even more than playing with new toys, it’s making their own toys.

Crafty Times

So Bomb is a kit to create round bath bombs. These are about 2.4 inches in diameter. To create the bath bomb, kids just need to follow the instructions and combine the baking soda and the citric acid powder in the designated bomb molds. The great thing is that each powder includes a different scent, but they can be mixed and matched for desired results. The kit includes a pipette to help kids mix the bath bomb, much like a real scientist in a laboratory. Every bath bomb will be unique, depending on who designed it. Children can make several at once or create one now and another one later.

It Comes with a Toy!

Children love toys, but they love surprise toys even more. Of course, you can purchase bath bombs in the store to watch the bathwater turn a different color and smell delicious. However, store-bough bath bombs are not unique, and they usually don’t include a toy. With our DIY bath bombs, every bath bomb includes a surprise figure designed to delight. Siblings can even create these bath bombs for each other and play with the toy after the bath, too.

Quick to Harden

If you make a bath bomb in the afternoon, you probably want to use it that evening and test it when you take a bath. Unfortunately, many bath bombs take 24 hours to dry, which is an incredibly long time when you’re little. So Bomb only takes 2 to 6 hours to dry, which means kids can use the craft much sooner. This gives them a chance to discover the surprise figure sooner, too. Also, on days when you have to talk kids into taking a bath, the bath bomb can make this struggle a little easier.

Unique Scents

When you’re enjoying a bath, it’s not just about the sensation of the water and soap bubbles on your arms. The nose also participates. With these scented bath bombs, you can create the scents you like best. Every package comes with different scents that can be combined as you like. You can make your very own scent that’s just right for you. Kids also get excited about combining unusual scents together that an adult might not appreciate. It’s all part of the fun. Of course, the scents are different colors, which is what makes your bathwater turn into a unique shade.

Simple to Use

So Bomb was designed to be easy to use. All you have to add is water. That means parents don’t have to scramble to find special ingredients or protective gloves. The bath bomb also comes with specific instructions showing you how to make a fun color combination. They even include ideas for color or scent combinations, but every child is welcome to create their own design. The best part is that the mess will be contained as the kits are carefully measured out to create the right number of bath bombs.

Fun to Create

The bath bombs include decorative sprinkles, which help make this product uniquely yours. You also don’t have to have amazing dexterity to finish this craft correctly. The mold ensures that the bath bomb does in fact look like a ball. Additionally, the finished product goes in the bathtub to make a big splash.

Our Bath Bomb Selection for Your Store

At License 2 Play, we stock four different So Bomb products. You can purchase wholesale bath bombs in a single pack for your customers to try. We also have them as a 3-pack. Our DIY bath bombs are also available in a 12-piece counter display for your store. Finally, we have a bath bomb caddy for storing the bath bombs after they’re created.

Fortunately, the display of our DIY bath bombs is self-explanatory. The colorful packaging shows customers the type of product they’re creating. It’s also less messy than other types of crafts, which parents will appreciate. In fact, the mess can even be contained in the bathtub, where the product will be used after it dries.