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Top 5 Wholesale Toys for 2017

Apr 01, 2017

Though the year has barely started, wholesale toys are as popular as ever. With plenty of new movies aimed at children, along with old favorites, there are many top toys that are on kids’ wish lists this year. Check out the top-selling wholesale toys so far, and keep up with 2017 trends by adding these to your retail store toy inventory.

Shopkins - Shopkins' toys are continuing to fly off shelves, even three years after their original release. New items are keeping kids interested in collecting these cuties, including wholesale Shopkins flavored lip balm, toothbrushes, figure assortments, playsets, and even hand sanitizer depicting the popular foods with faces. Adorable and affordable, Shopkins are easy to collect and fun to play with, making them one of the most popular toys of not only this year but for the foreseeable future.

Wholesale Beauty and the Beast - Tea Cup Set and Other Collectibles

It may be a tale as old as time, but new Beauty and the Beast toys can hardly keep up with the demand! Since the new live-action movie came out in March, Beauty and the Beast toys are a top seller, and this Tea Cup Set is no exception. An adorable tea set featuring a tea pitcher with Mrs. Potts’ face, this set definitely serves smiles! It comes with four matching teacups as well as a sugar bowl and spoons so kids can pretend they are serving up steaming hot tea in Mrs. Potts and her son Chip! 

Small World Toys

Small World Toys are educational and fun and include things like pretend food playsets, wooden playhouses, creative sets that instruct kids on how to create crafts, science, and math inspired toys, and fun games that teach and entertain at the same time. This popular brand is a must for parents inspiring little ones to learn, and curious minds love learning how to make soap, put together puzzles, or craft their own castle! 

LEGO Watches and Clocks

LEGO is one of the most popular brands in the country, and it’s easy to see why. With interlocking, colorful blocks that kids can use to create cars, houses, playsets, and favorite characters, the brand fulfills kids’ wildest imaginations. Not to mention, playsets based on kids’ favorite films, such as LEGO Batman, Ghostbusters, The Avengers, and Spider-Man bring films to life and let kids pretend to be their favorite superheroes or characters. LEGO clocks and watches use these figures to craft cool clocks that look like giant minifigures, and watches that come with links and a figure so kids can customize their own wearable wrist creation. 

Beauty and the Beast -  Belle’s Gown

There are few things more appealing to little girls than becoming a princess, and the Beauty and the Beast Belle’s Gown lets them do just that. Dress up is fun for girls and boys, and dress-up clothes are some of the most popular toys for kids that never seem to go out of style. Based on the new live-action film, Belle’s Gown is a replica of the gorgeous yellow dress Belle wears in the ballroom scene of the film. The glittering gold accents and fluffy layers make this dress irresistible to little girls who are fans of the film! Girls can pretend they are a beautiful princess in this popular and beautiful ball gown!