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The Best Wholesale Toys from 2017

Dec 28, 2017


As 2017 is drawing to a close, one can’t help but look back at the year. We have supplied many independent retailers with bestselling toys and will continue to do so next year. At License 2 Play, it has also been our pleasure to offer tips for selling these wholesale toys in addition to giving you information about the latest and greatest products we stock. Here is a highlight reel showing you what was hot in 2017. 


Who would have thought that little monkeys could be so cute? Fingerlings are tiny baby animals that grab on to your fingers. They are robotic animals that can shake their heads, blow kisses, and even go to sleep. They are becoming hard to find this close to Christmas, because they are considered the toy of the year. If you still have some of these in stock, your customers will be excited. In addition to different colored monkeys, the Fingerlings collection also includes a unicorn and a sloth.   


Oonies are popular because they are a pet and a balloon at the same time. The Oonie starter pack comes with the inflator and 90 pellets to get started. You pick the color pellet you want and inflate it. The Oonies can be stuck together to create all kinds of creatures, including animals and monsters. The great thing about Oonies is that kids get to be creative. It’s also a great way for siblings or friends to have fun together without fighting. After all, if you like a certain creation, you can always make another one and get more pellets if you need. 

Peppy Pets

Every child wants a pet, but not every parent can handle the real thing. That’s where Peppy Pets come in. You can get a dog, a horse, and even a dinosaur. These Peppy Pets follow you where you go. They can walk and run just like a real pet. They even come with a collar and leash. Kids love playing with these lovey pets all day long, because they’re interactive and cuddly at the same time.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget toys have taken the market by surprise this year. Originally created for anyone who can’t sit still, these are fun toys to watch, play with, or merely hold while you’re doing something else. Fidget spinners are great for calming nervous behavior and keeping wiggly children entertained when they have to sit still. They also come in a variety of colors to ensure that everyone can get what they want.


Shopkins may not be the newest toys of the year, but they’re certainly still popular. Currently, this growing collection is already on Series 8. Each series includes a new set of characters and accessories. These cute little Shopkins are fun for kids, because they’re so tiny. They resemble grocery characters and even come with a story about each toy. The Collector’s guide also comes with every package, because children love building their collection and swapping the characters with one another.  

World’s Smallest Series

While you won’t find these toys on other bestseller lists, License 2 Play has seen many retailers succeed with the World’s Smallest toy collection. Your customers will love these, because they’re classic toys in miniature format. For example, you can find Ms. Pac-Man as a tiny arcade game, or you can try to solve the World’s Smallest Rubix cube. The series also includes an Etch-a-Sketch, a tiny Magic 8 Ball, a Barbie, and many other fun toys.

Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker 

If there’s anything better than the combination of candy and toys, we don’t know what that would be. The Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker certainly delivers on its promise, providing a fun activity and offering a toy and chocolate all in one. Your kids will love to get busy in the kitchen when they have this toy. It’s great for ages 5 through 10, but the whole family can share in the treat. If you’re stocking this product, you’ll also want to get the refills for it, because your customers will ask for them. 

Each year consists of best selling wholesale toys. Some are classics, such as Lego and Nintendo. And then there is the latest and greatest. If you want to ensure that you have the things your customers are buying, it’s a good idea to diversify your collection. For example, you can stock perennial bestsellers, such as Shopkins, and venture out with unique items such as the World’s Smallest collection. With proper planning, 2018 will be an even greater success for you than 2017.