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5 Tips to Help Retailers Sell More Toys

Jan 02, 2023

Are you a retailer that is looking for ways to see more toys? Do you know what causes customers to buy your store's products? Here are five tips to help retailers to sell more toys.

Think Like a Child
One important thing to remember before you start selling toys is to create a list of things that are important to you and your toy business. And, even though adults do the purchasing, you need to make the product and AD appeal to children when selling toys. After all, they are the ones who tell their parents what toys to buy. 

Remember, get into a childlike mentality when thinking about how to sell toys. It is essential to interact with a child's mind and curiosity. Use lots of color, positive product images, and simple and easy-to-read descriptions.

Provide A Detailed Product Page
Before buying toys for their children, most parents want to get as much information about the said toy as possible. This means looking up reviews, videos, pictures, and product descriptions (and anything else out there). So, one crucial thing you can do for your company (and your product) is to ensure your toy's product page is as detailed as possible.

When creating a product page, ensure your description is as detailed as possible- listing the toy's size, colors, price, shipping information, positive reviews (etc.). With pictures and videos, take several images at different angles and sides (try to show as much detail as possible). And, if possible, try to demonstrate how to product is used correctly (so your customers can get the full effect).

Offer Easy Deliveries and Returns
When you buy a present for someone other than yourself, there is always this little doubt in the back of your mind saying that person won't like it - and this is especially true when we talk about young children (because their interests change like the tide).

When you shop in-store, it is simple enough to ask for a gift receipt (if they don't like it, they can exchange it for something else). But what happens when you order online, and the person you got this gift for has no interest in it? What happens is the action of deliveries and returns becomes increasingly harder.

So, as retailers, one thing that is a must when selling your products online is ensuring that your deliveries and returns are on the verge of flawless (mistakes and accidents do happen, let's not forget that). When your deliveries and returns are simple, easy, and efficient, this will help to increase purchases.

Always Think Mobile-Friendly
With mobile devices covering the entire world, whether it is phones, tablets, computers, or smartwatches, as a retailer, it is wise to always think about mobile-friendliness. So, since mobile devices are the most common devices to search on when you design or update your website's product pages, it is essential to consider how mobile-friendly they are (your website and product pages). Therefore, making your website user-friendly is a must!

Use Customer Reviews to Boost Sales
It is not crazy to think that online shoppers do their research before making a purchase. Most online shoppers will not take the retailer's word on how hot or not a toy is. What these customers are going to do is go online and look up customer testimonials and reviews. What they find will help them decide whether this toy is safe and worth the money. But most importantly, they will be looking to see if this toy meets their child's needs and wants.

So, one surefire way to help boost your sales is to make sure that you use customer reviews on your product pages - or at least make these reviews easily accessible (try putting links on your product pages to specific and positive reviews).

If you are a toy retailer and you are looking for a way to increase your sales, just remember: think like a child, provide detailed product pages, make deliveries and returns simple, think mobile-friendly, and use customer reviews to boost sales (because there is no better advertising than word of mouth).