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5 Lessons You Learned from Playing Board Games

Aug 17, 2022

You probably played lots of board games with friends, family members, or classmates in school, but did you know you were learning valuable lessons while having fun? Check out how something as simple as a board game can add a tremendous impact on one’s growth and development that lasts a lifetime.

1. Following the Rules is Important & Fun!
Your parents and teachers taught you to follow the rules at home, while running errands, and at school. But, board games reinforced this lesson with a positive reward system that helped you understand how rules can make life more fun! Suddenly, instead of following the rules for fear of the consequences if you didn’t, you began to look forward to hearing the instructions so that the challenge would be more interesting and your sense of accomplishment, perhaps mixed with a dash of bragging rights, would receive a giant boost.??Oh, and remember what happened when you tried to cheat? First of all, it never worked the way you thought it would, and second, it lowered your confidence and gave you the opposite feeling than the one you were after. Therefore, you learned quickly that following the rules was both important and kept the game interesting while making even small victories in the game that much sweeter.

2. You Always Need a Plan with Outlined Goals
Board games often involve loads of strategy. For these types of board games, the game is really found in outwitting your opponents. You already know cheating won’t give you the same feeling of accomplishment as winning on your own cunning intellect. So, it’s time to roll up those sleeves, study the rules, and examine the board for the best path forward to beat your opponents to the finish line and claim your win.

3. Changing Your Plan is Part of the Game
You are so close to winning that the next roll of the dice could be the final roll of the game. But, it’s not time to get overly confident because nothing is certain until the game ends. Remember, what seems like the quickest path forward could be the best choice or it might land you back at the start, even if you are one space away from showing off your favorite victory dance moves.

Just as real-life brings you setbacks and you must develop a new strategy to achieve your goals, board games can use one roll of the dice or mystery card instructions to level the playing field where it’s once again anyone’s game. Who will win? Our guess is the one who is best able to cast aside the frustration that comes with being so close and yet so far away to focus on crafting an effective backup plan without skipping a beat!

4. How to Lose with Grace
Sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll lose. Playing board games will teach you this lesson quickly. Winning every time would be boring, so you soon discover that watching a friend, family member, or classmate win and congratulating that individual on his or her victory actually makes the times when you win feel more satisfying and rewarding. The resulting lessons are: (1) The understanding that you will have another opportunity to win in the future, and (2) When you cheer for your friends and celebrate their victories in life, they often support you in return when you win.

5. Don’t Take Everything So Seriously
This lesson is about balance. In school, you learn to practice honing your concentration, reasoning, and memorization skills to complete your assignments, and your efforts will be rewarded with good grades. However, sometimes, despite your best efforts, you will receive a lower grade on a test or you will make a mistake in another area of your life. When it comes to mistakes made while playing a board game, you learn there is a chance for redemption as long as the game is continuing. Then, if you do lose the game due to your mistakes, you can simply start again. The takeaway is that lower grades, mistakes in your relationships, or, for adults, missteps in your career are not reasons to get upset or tear yourself down. They are learning tools to help you grow and develop so that you’ll be ready for the next game!

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