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5 Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Jan 20, 2023

Do you know what one of longest lasting toys in human history is? Children have been playing with dolls for thousands of years - and for a good reason. Putting all traditional gender roles aside, playing with dolls provides important growth for all children. Dolls provide children with something that represents themselves and helps them better understand themselves and others. But that isn't the only benefit playing with dolls has on children. Here are five benefits that playing with dolls has on children.

Solidifies Social Skills
Many forms of play help children gain essential life skills when they are young. Playing with dolls helps children to solidify their social skills. Just like when they are playing house, learning to cooperate and communicate with others kindly. Playing with dolls helps children learn to be kind and care for one another.

Helps Teach Responsibility
Did you know that when children learn necessary social skills at a young age, they also learn responsibility? Give a child a doll, and playing with it will teach them how to take care of others. From taking care of pets and siblings to parents and other loved ones, learning to be responsible (not only for themselves but for others) is an important life skill that will help them throughout their lives.

Teaches Children How to Process Emotions
Are you looking for a way to help your children grow into caring people? Playing with dolls does more than help teach children responsibility. By playing with dolls, they will also learn how to care for others by caring for their doll - helping to teach children empathy and compassion and how to process emotions.

Helps to Develop A Child's Imagination
A child's imagination is vast and never-ending. With limitless possibilities, playing with dolls helps children to develop their imaginations by allowing them to be creative and to create imagined scenarios with other children, toys, and dolls.

From solidifying social skills and teaching responsibility to help process emotions and develop their imaginations, remember that there are a ton of benefits to playing with dolls for all children.