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Wholesale Zhu Zhu™ Aquarium Interactive Fish Accessory – Speedboat and Dock Set | Z1002-4

Item Number : Z1002-4

UPC : 810051826661

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Zhu Zhu Fish

Set Sail for Adventure – Zhu Zhu™ Aquarium Speedboat and Dock Set Awaits!

Add something new to your Zhu Zhu Aquarium collection with the Speedboat and Dock Set! It perfectly complements any existing Zhu Zhu playsets and offers a new dimension of imaginative play. With a colorful speedboat, a charming dock, a playful tunnel, a ramp, and a connector, this set integrates seamlessly with the Zhu Zhu Aquarium playsets to create an interactive underwater world. The attractive packaging stands out on shelves and encourages cross-selling opportunities within the Zhu Zhu product line.

Key Features:

  • EXPANDS ZHU ZHU UNIVERSE: Perfectly complements existing Zhu Zhu Aquarium sets, like the Interactive Fish and Submarine.
  • VIBRANT SPEEDBOAT AND DOCK: The set includes a colorful speedboat and a delightful dock, enhancing the play experience.
  • INTERACTIVE FEATURES: Comes complete with a tunnel, ramp, and connector for dynamic play possibilities.
  • ENCOURAGES CREATIVE PLAY: Ideal for imaginative underwater adventures, bringing plush fish and characters to life.
  • ATTRACTIVE PACKAGING: Designed to catch the eye of children and parents alike, increasing its appeal as a must-have toy.
  • BOOSTS CROSS-SELLING: Integrates with other Zhu Zhu items, promoting additional sales within the product line.

The Zhu Zhu Speedboat and Dock Set is an excellent addition to any toy store. It offers endless underwater adventures and will surely be a hit among kids who love imagining and creating. Stock it alongside other Zhu Zhu Aquarium items and sail to successful sales with this captivating playset!

**Not Available for Third-Party Sellers**