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Wholesale ©Disney Stitch Collect & Connect Figures Mystery Assortment in 16pc Counter Display | LILOCONECT23L2P

Item Number : LILOCONECT23L2P

UPC : 840070945784

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Lilo and Stitch

Interstellar Fun Unboxed – ©Disney Stitch Collect & Connect Figures!

Discover the Disney Stitch Collect & Connect Figures Mystery Assortment! The miniature figurines of Stitch come in various unique designs, including Space Suit Stitch, Hula Stitch, Bubblegum Stitch, Ice Cream Stitch, Donut Stitch, and Angel. These charming mini figures come with individual stands that can be connected, creating a fun and interactive display. They are great collectibles and perfect gifts for fans of all ages who adore the mischievous yet endearing alien.

Key Features:

  • VARIETY OF STITCH DESIGNS: The collection includes unique Stitch figures in various costumes and activities.
  • COLLECT & CONNECT: Each figure has a stand that connects to others, offering a creative and cohesive display.
  • MYSTERY PACKAGING: Figures are concealed in mystery boxes, adding an element of excitement and surprise to each purchase.
  • IDEAL FOR FANS AND COLLECTORS: A must-have for enthusiasts of Disney’s Stitch and collectors of unique figurines.
  • EASY MERCHANDISING: The counter display has been designed to ensure easy accessibility and clear visibility in any retail environment.

The Disney Stitch Collect & Connect Figures Mystery Assortment is a delightful addition to any store looking to captivate fans of the iconic Disney character. These miniature figures offer a playful way to relive the charm of Stitch, with the added thrill of a mystery box unboxing. Stock these collectibles in your store and watch as customers of all ages enjoy discovering and connecting these enchanting figures.