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Wholesale Toxic Waste® Slime Licker® 5 Inch Plush Keychain Assortment in 12pc Counter Display | 16010

Item Number : 16010

UPC : 022286160100

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Toxic Waste Slime Licker

Indulge your playful side with the Toxic Waste® Slime Licker® Small 5-Inch Plush Keychain Assortment!

From the creators of the world's sourest candy, Toxic Waste® Slime Licker®, comes a collection of licensed small plush keychains that capture the essence of the iconic candy. These miniature plush versions are designed to resemble the actual candy, allowing you to carry a touch of whimsical charm wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • TINY SOUR PLAYFULNESS: Add playful charm to your belongings with our Small 5-inch Plush Keychain Assortment featuring the adorable Toxic Waste® Slime Licker®. These cute and detailed keychains will surely bring a smile to your face.
  • NOT EDIBLE, BUT HUGGABLE: While these small plush keychains may look delicious, they are meant for hugging, displaying, and adding color to your items. They are not meant to be eaten or licked!
  • FLAVORS GALORE: The assortment includes three different "flavors" - Blue Razz Slime Licker®, Strawberry Slime Licker®, and Yellow Toxic Waste® Barrel. Collect them all to enjoy the full range of colorful designs.
  • CONVENIENT CARABINER CLIP: These small plush keychains are equipped with a carabiner clip, making it effortless for you to attach them to your bags, keys, or any other spot where you'd like to display your affection for the Toxic Waste® brand.
  • MINIATURE DESIGN: Measuring just 5 inches, these small plush keychains are perfect for on-the-go fun and a pop of sour-inspired character.
  • EASY MERCHANDISING: The assortment includes 12 small plush keychains per counter display, making it easy to set up and showcase these charming collectibles in your retail space.

Looking for a fun and unique accessory to offer your customers? Look no further than the Toxic Waste® Slime Licker® Small 5-Inch Plush Keychain Assortment. These playful keychains will catch the eye of candy lovers and collectors alike and make a great addition to any store's inventory. With multiple "flavors" to choose from, customers will love showing off their favorite and adding a bit of sour fun to their day. Don't miss out on this must-have item for your store!

About the Brand:

Toxic Waste® Hazardously Sour Candy® was launched to the market in 2001. Since then, this creative and phenomenally popular, one-of-a-kind, double-action sour candy treat has become a hit with candy lovers of all ages worldwide.

With over 160 million views on TikTok for hashtags like #toxicwastecandy and #slimelicker, Toxic Waste® Hazardously Sour Candy® has been named by some as the world's SOUREST CANDY!