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Wholesale Garbage Pail Kids Plush Assortment in 6pc Counter Display | 16200

UPC : 022286162005

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys LLC

Character Type : Garbage Pail Kids

Available Beginning : 12/01/2022

Garbage Pail Kids Plush Assortment in 6pc Counter Display

These 8+ inch tall standing plush are cute but disgusting! The assortment includes the most popular Garbage Pail Kid, Adam Bomb, but also features these awful orphans: Leaky Lindsay, Teevee Stevie, New Wave Dave, Nat Nerd, and Dead Ted.

  • High-quality, detailed prints.
  • Each Core Plush comes with a hangtag and j-hook.
  • There are 6 pieces included in each display. 

Brand Overview

Garbage Pail Kids first appeared in 1985 and they have been grossing out both kids and “kidults” every day since. Since its meteoric rise in the 80s, the GPK brand has never stopped growing, and now boasts 1000+ characters, 400K Facebook followers, and new, fun collaborations every year.

Now, License 2 Play Toys has created the one type of GPK toy that has never been seen before, the one type of toy that GPK collectors have wanted for decades…Plush!

There are three different plush lines, each developed with the collector in mind: Blind Bag Mini Plush, Core Plush, and Deluxe Plush and each has something different to offer.