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Wholesale Deddy Bears® 12 Inch Plush in Zippered Body Bag Assortment in 4pc Counter Display | DB3098

Item Number : DB3098

UPC : 840202231549

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Deddy Bears

Deddy Bears® 12 Inch Plush in Body Bag Assortment in 4pc Counter Display

Embrace the Spooky-Cute World of Deddy Bears®! New Deddy Bears have arrived, and they are creepily cute!

Each deadly adorable Deddy Bear comes in its own branded body bag with a zipper for an eerie unboxing experience. Don't worry; these cuddly creatures may look spooky, but they're just looking for a loving home to call their own. From the fiery 'Beezlebear' to the batty 'Vambear,' these plush animals will surely capture your imagination and bring a touch of the wild into your stores.

Key Features:

  • QUIRKY BODY BAG UNBOXING: Each 12-inch Deddy Bear Plush comes packaged in a themed body bag with a zipper for a thrilling unboxing experience. Get ready for a spooky surprise that adds excitement to the reveal!
  • AUTOPSY REPORT INCLUDED: Read the Autopsy Report for each Deddy Bear character and uncover intriguing details about their past and what might have led to their "unfortunate" demise.
  • CREEPILY CUTE COLLECTIBLES: These Deddy Bears may be "deadly," but their cuteness will win you over! Embrace the unique blend of adorable and spooky that captivates collectors and plush enthusiasts.
  • EERIE AND ENDEARING ASSORTMENT: The assortment includes Beezlebear, Bones, Bundle, Howler, Spekter, Squash, Vambear, and Zombear. Each character showcases a distinct personality, making them perfect for imaginative play and storytelling.
  • SOFT AND HUGGABLE: Despite their frightful appearance, these Deddy Bears are incredibly soft and huggable, making them ideal companions for kids and adults.
  • BRING HOME THE WILD: Get spooky and cute simultaneously with these unique plush creatures. Perfect for Halloween or any time of year, they make great gifts for special occasions.
  • RECOMMENDED AGE 3+: These plush toys are suitable for children aged three and above, making them great gifts for kids and collectors alike.

Get ready for a spooky surprise and cuddle up with Deddy Bears® - the perfect balance of creepy and cute! Stock up on the newest Deddy Bears assortment and let customers experience the thrill of unboxing these spooky-yet-adorable plush companions. Don't miss the chance to bring a touch of the wild to your retail collection with Deddy Bears!