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Wholesale Cookiemonium™ Scented 6 Inch Cookie Plush Assortment in 8pc Counter Display (Window Box) | 17481

Item Number : 17481

UPC : 022286174817

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Cookiemonium™

Unbox a Batch of Sweetness with Every Plush!

Dive into the delightful chaos at The Cookie Jar™, where magic has turned everyday cookies into the cutest, cuddliest, and most charismatic plush pals you've ever seen! With the Cookiemonium™ Scented 6 Inch Cookie Plush Assortment, every unboxing is a whiff of wonder, blending adorable designs with a sprinkle of bakery magic.

Key Features:

  • VIBRANT CHARACTERS: From Chase the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dalmatian™ to Harley the Honey Bun Cookie Bear™, each plush is inspired by favorite cookie flavors and has a unique personality that brings the magic of Cookiemonium to life.
  • DELIGHTFUL SCENTS: Infused with the mouthwatering aroma of fresh-baked cookies, each plush offers a sensory experience that's as pleasing to the nose as it is to the touch.
  • COLLECTIBLE FUN: Encased in a branded window box, each plush is a surprise waiting to be discovered, perfect for collectors and kids alike to find their favorite cookie character.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made with soft, durable fabrics and child-safe fillings, these plush cookies are designed for long-lasting cuddles and play.
  • INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING: Connect with the whimsical world of The Cookie Jar through detailed character bios that encourage imaginative play and storytelling.

Sweeten up your shelves with the Cookiemonium Scented 6-Inch Cookie Plush Assortment – an irresistible treat. Dive into a world where every plush tells a story and every scent brings a smile. Don't miss out on the joy and whimsy of Cookiemonium – where every plush is a portal to playful adventures and delightful discoveries!

Ages 3+

Brand Backstory

It’s absolute COOKIEMONIUM™ out there! Nothing has been the same at the cozy little bakery known as The Cookie Jar™ since a sprinkle of magic dust was accidentally mixed with the cookie dough, giving rise to the Cookiemonium™ plushies! So, pour yourself a big glass of milk because these cutie cookies smell even “batter” than they look, and they are here to stay!